Friday, October 12, 2012

How to perform pregnancy test?

How to perform a pregnancy test?
that's easy! you go to the nearest pharmacy or drugstore that sells pregnancy kit. they have abundance type of pregnancy test kits that sells around RM5.00 to RM30.00. my advice is just buy the cheapest one because nowadays they give you quite an accurate results.

This was my ultimate joy! i'd blogged it anyway. soon-mommy-to-be .

First Test
So below's picture was when i performed my first pregnancy test. i bought this kit in Guardian Pharmacy. it cost about RM12.00++. This photo was taken using iphone hence the clear picture. the bright purple line on the right side was on the C-section. and the light one on the left was on the T-section.

if you are NOT PREGNANT, there is clearly NO LINES on the T-section.
and if you are PREGNANT (yeay!), it would be a line on the T-section despite whether it is light colour or deep in the colour. deep as in intense colour.

this pregnancy test kit uses a dip-in method. you just dip the point (paling hujung) in your already collected urine sample.

Second Test

So below's picture was when i performed my second pregnancy test. i bought this kit in Watson's Pharmacy. it cost about RM5.00. This photo was taken using blackberry hence the so not clear picture. As you can see, both sections gave intense purple colour so i guess i am pregnant! yeay!!

this pregnancy test kit uses a drop in method. you just drop in a few drops of your collected urine on the spot (there the yellowish thing there...the yellowish thing was my urine yang i tahan dari pukul 8am sampai 2.30pm....gosh!hahaha)

Third Test

And the last test i did was in a private clinic. the doctor used the same pregnancy test kit as what i used during my second test. doctor gave me this test, 3 papan folic acid 400mg, and a consultation. all together for RM25. well it was okay. nothing much but we were pretty confident that now i am officially pregnant.

 Husband sangat happy. hahahaha....i dah happy dulu nangis-nangis kat ofis so bila husband happy, dia sensorang je la. masa balik tu, from clinic to our home, i terus jadi princess. jalan lenggang kangkung je. husband angkat semua beg, even plastic air pun.

yela, masa tu jela dia sweet. tengok sekarang. belum sampai rumah and he is still outstation, dia dah bbmed,

"sayang, nanti sayang masak k?masak jela pape..."

-_- pembuli.

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