Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Kind of King

It is very lucky of you when you end up your life with the person that you love so bad, and turned out that person is totally awesome and worth to be loved. well, not all of the person that we love is awesome (breakups), right?so bila kita jumpa someone yang worth untuk kita stay by his side, we will be happy.

bila husband tau yang i pregnant, although he is quite scaptical of me having a baby, due to the jealousy of attentions split nanti (hahaha!), he did treat me like a queen. i dont even pick up a single beg when we packed to Johor haritu, semua dia bawak. he didn't pushed me or marah-marah me to pack our things,walaupun i kan procrastinate orang nyer, he just let me do my things whenever i want.

and on our way to johor, he stopped at every R&R along the way. he asked me whether i am fine, do i feel crampy, and most importantly, do i fell hungry? i eat a lot, i mean i eat every 30 minutes but the portion is smaller. for example, i WANTED to eat kuey teow at that moment, but i only eat half of it, and half of it encik husband habiskan. we shared our meal.

then he bought me corn cup. our favourite. but since i dont feel like eating it, i just suapkan him dalam kereta. then he bought me some buah. then he bought for me ice-cream paddle pop rainbow because his country was damn hot, hahaha...and i feel like eating it. then beli air. then beli clorets. oh, that one ayah yang belikan.

then petang tu when we arrived at the hotel, he asked me to siap-siap, nak bawak makan kat Kluang Station. omg the steamed bun was heavenly delicious and precious!! i ate a lot! a set of white bread, 2 sets of steamed bun, a set of steamed wholemeal. omg sedap gila!i didnt managed to finished the coffee, as i read somewhere, caffeine is not good for the development of your baby. so okay fine.

then we went and eat ala thai food. we had ikan siakap 3 rasa, with telur bungkus, and sup daging, and sotong goreng tepung, and sayur kangkung belacan. i ate my favourite which was the ikan and telur. the rest i jeling-jeling je. tak kuasa.

and when we got back to the hotel, we were already full , feeling like a whale. me golek-golek atas katil and zzzzzzzz. woke up to the sounds of the phantom of opera singing eerie song. blerghh.. went to the toilet. then husband bangun, he pointed something to me.

"perghhh....nasib baik tak bocor bontot b!!". and there, i saw my earings, the back side pointed up. betul-betul kat tempat dia tidur.

and i innocently answered, "hmm...macam mana dia boleh pergi situ b?". sambil pegang my right side ear.mata kebil-kebil.

then i went back to sleep.

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