Saturday, September 29, 2012

Soon Mommy To Be

Alhamdulilah. Alhamdulilah. Alhamdulilah.
Me is expecting to have a baby soon!
(on my fourth month of marriage!)
Alhamdulilah. :)

How do i know that i am pregnant?
Well, the story goes like this:

kan husband nak pergi kursus hari tu for 3 days, so i stayed with my parents in KL. malam-malam macam nak pergi gym because that what i usually do bila balik KL. back to my gym routine. tapi i was worried if i am pregnant sebab actually masa hari selasa lepas dah 3 hari lambat period. i memang period cycle sangat normal. i already have the symptom for period such as bleeding spot, diorrhea, and back pain.

tapi i proceeded with the test. pukul 8.00pm macam tu i pakai towel masuk toilet bringing the pregnancy kit test i bought from guardian. yang rm12.00++ tu. and it gave positive result although the line on t-section was quite light. tunjuk mama, she cant read the result sebab dia dulu pergi jumpa doctor je. -_- so 50's.

watsapp my sister in law who had been through first trimester but she lost the baby somehow (T_T) so dia mesti ada rough idea on how to detect whether my test tu positive ke tak. so she said positive tapi cuba check lagi 2 hari.

so esok i pergi kerja, i showed the picture i took of the positive-result-preg-kit to my friend yang dah ada anak satu, but i said it was my friend's result. (malu la plus takut tak confirm). so she said, "ha confirm la tu. kalau tak pregnant, takde nyer keluar satu lagi line tu...". masa tu pukul 9.00am. i asked her to teman me to buy preg-kit sebab nak pergi gym malam nie. so okay. lunch time tu i pergi watson sebab dia kate preg-kit kat situ lagi murah. memang murah. RM5.00 je.

tengah hari tu tahan weewee (urine), sampai pukul 2.30pm. buat test dalam toilet. this time, baru i yakin that i am pregnant sebab all lines were clear. so clear okay. purple pekat masuk lecturer's room, tunjuk dengan collegues, lepas tu semua nangis. i was crying heavily sebab i didn't expect the baby so i was all excited. malu gila nangis depan kengkawan.

so itulah dia.

i didnt tell husband right away, thinking of suprising him on friday night dia balik. but oh well, perempuan. malam tu jugak bagitau. husband was so excited. boohoooo!!

so jumaat jumpa dia macam biasa as he got back from melaka. masuk kereta, arr terus malu-malu like, "hello, its your baby inside!what did you do to me!?". hahahaha....after he fetched me at the station, terus pergi clinic because husband trust the doctor more than he trust me. -_-

around 8.00 pm kitorang arrived at the clinic. well, the line was not that clear. kate dah malam and i just weeweee before boarding into train. tapi after 10minits borak-borak dengan doctor, tanya diet apa good for newly mom, the lines were getting very clear. doctor cakap, "ha, confirm ni pregnant. nampak??clear sangat dah ni..". pastu i jeling husband. hahaha.

so i dah nak masuk 5 weeks of pregnancy. i dont have (yet?) morning sickness. cuma i rasa penat, rasa nak baring all the time, and sakit pinggang. so kat ofis letak bantal je kat belakang. curik akak nandong punya. hahaha...

i am all happy and thanked Allah for giving me the opportunity to be a mother. i was so blessed with good family, great husband, and now a baby. i didnt tell anyone yet (huh?) except family, collegues (by accident ceh!). close friends tak bagitau, and just a mere hints on facebook, tapi nobody realize yet. orang kata baru lagi so we keep to ourselves.dalam blog? surely readers tak kenal i. hehehehe... siapa yang kenal i, just keep the news to yourself too yer sayang?

so congrats husband for being the strongest men and now you have captured me with your love (s) one inside me. booooo...

thank you Allah. thank you husband. thank you family. oh boy, aren't i, a one lucky women?

doakan me and baby sihat sentiasa. dan sentiasa dilindungi Allah Ta'ala. insyaAllah. Amin.

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Shayra Hint said...


congrats faraaaaaa!!
ok lepas ni ada 1001 reasons takyah jogging mlm2 n bleh akan byk2. happy for u sgt sgt sgt...

jaga diri baik2, jgn lupa mengait booties comel2 for the baby =)

Anonymous said...

Takecare..mkn yg sihat2 taw..

Fareenz said...

thank you she!!!
she lagi bape bulan nak due??heee...
oh about the booties...dah janji nak buat utk ur baby...i buat pink okay ke??heeee....=)

Fareenz said...

tq amal!

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