Tuesday, October 23, 2012

When memory strikes back

Sometimes when the memory strikes back, man..even I can't bear with the pain. It hurts a lot. And I wish and I pray so hard that I won't even remember any of it. But I can't.

Sometimes when I accidentally come across it, my heart just can't stop pumping. I hate that, and I hate 'that' for forever.

I just break down into tears, why people were so mean. Why they hate to see others happiness, why they even have the intentions to do so at the first place.

I know that things have changed so dramatically and I can't cope with it, but I try. I am happy with the way I am now.

But when the memory strikes back, I just can't bear the pain. I just can't. It would be the first and the last.

I will do anything for myself. Anything to make myself from getting hurt again.

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