Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cake Punya Cerita

malam isnin lepas, me and my family celebrated my birthday. it was just a small ceremony, cuma i requested nak makan sedap. mama suggested untuk makan luar since encik husband yang kuat makan tu ada sekali sebelum dia balik downsouth, but i insisted nak makan kat rumah.

mama : "nak makan luar ke?"
me : "taknak la ma. homecook food is the best food in the world...!"
mama : "so nak makan apa?"
me : " ketam masak lemak, sambal sotong, pak choy steam..."
mama : " ok...nanti mama balik keje mama masak...."

wehuuu. i came home to found not only those delicious yummy dishes, but mama masak spaghetti jugak. nak pengsan i sebab hati gembira tidak terkata. and also, i found out ada cake atas meja. lagi la suka hati. excitedly open (nampak sangat tak menyabar) and mulut bising-bising cakap selama ni takde orang belikan cake and all....hahaha...kesian sangat.

and i was shocked masa bukak kotak cake tu, it stated,

"happy birthday *** (isi my name), love ***(isi nama encik husband)"

aik???bila masa pulak encik husband belikan cake nie?? dia dah balik ke??i was looking for him in the entire house, excitedly carik tapi takde pun. tengok dalam bilik mana tau ada barang dia ke sebab maybe kereta dia bawak keluar but barang-barang dia dah bawak masuk bilik, tapi takde jugak. i was confused, and a bit mad.

ayah cakap, "hello....entah dia buat delivery ke?? dulu masa you dapat bunga kat MidValley pun orang delivery bagi kan?? ape la you nie...". cehh, ayah mengingatkan i masa zaman-zaman sweet bercinta dulu. masa tu i konvo, supposely dia temankan i, tapi he had to go for a meeting luar negeri, so he can't be there. and he sent me a bouquet of roses, ada 12. nak mintak maaf la tu kononnya. pagi-pagi sebelum konvo ada mamat call cakap nak hantar bunga, bila tanya siapa, mamat tu kata tak tau. fine. rupanya encik boyfriend aka encik husband kita bila baca kad.

termalu-malu i mendapat bunga sebesar itu. terus rasa jatuh cinta.

back to the cake, masa tu dalam pukul 7pm. pukul 9pm encik husband sampai, baru kita makan. siap nyanyi lagu birthday. i suruh nyanyi kuat sikit, macam takde tenaga nak celebrate birthday i, dengan mama and ayah dengan abang and SIL i suh nyanyi kuat-kuat. hikhik. i had so much fun! makan meratah ketam masak lemak cili padi memang terbaik.

and yes. me and encik husband were the last one to butt off from the table. ha ha ha....-________-

so, malam tu, i asked him,

"how come there was your name on the cake?bila sayang beli cake?"

dia jawab,

"ade la....". sambil gelak-gelak. ingat i suka dia buat perangai macam tu? T_T

so he started the whole story, masa tu i dah siap baring-baring nak tidur, usually kepala i atas lengan dia, and he loves to sleep with me bila i menghimpit-himpit macam tu.

"i ingat i nak beli cake sayang, tapi i takut i lambat and you all dah start dulu. i pun call ayah tanya ayah kat mana. ayah cakap dia kat luar. ha cun sangat tu kan ayah kat luar pulak. so i tanya ayah, "ayah...boleh belikan cake untuk *** tak? nanti saya bayar balik....". ayah pun cakap cake tu untuk sayang la...."

ok melting (but ego).

"nape nak kena beli cake??tak payah cake pun takpe sayang...."

"birthday kena la ada cake sayang....tak birthday la kalau takde cake...."


and i was smiling the entire night, deep inside my heart, thanking God for sending him to me, to take care of me, and to love me more than i deserved. and to had a good look on his face under the blanket with a dim light was just breath taking.

and i know, i still in love with him, the same men i fell in love 9 years ago, and i know my love for him will never changed. not now. promised myself to be a great wife to him. insyaAllah.. =)

Monday, February 25, 2013


i missed being a wife. you know, a solehah-kind of wife. hahaha....actually, what i mean was, i missed being a wife, cooking and cleaning for encik husband, ironing his 100 pieces of clothes and pants, sweeping and mopping the house, buang sampah and all. -______- but last week, i was at home with him and we kinda enjoyed our time together. dah lama sangat tak spend time berdua macam tu..=)

on friday, the day he went back to KL, we had a meeting/family gathering at nenek's house. husband gave a surprise where by he changed the car's tyres and it was quite an expensive tyres, i mean for a local car, we did not need an expensive tyres right? it was almost rm400 for both tyres, but yeah. he is so sweet like that. at night, he brought all of my travel bags into the car (of course with a complaint why i have to bring so much bags for only over a weekend. i mean, he did not understand me at all. 1 for clothes, 1 for toiletries, and another one for MISC....prfttt...). it was late when we arrived home, but i had enjoyed cleaning the house sampai pukul 2am and i don't feel tired.

i don't feel tired when he is around me, definitely.

on saturday, we had a relatives wedding near putrajaya, and he kept telling me that i looked beautiful on that day, and he kissed me a lot, all over my face. walaupun rimas, but i kinda like it. i love it when he did that, tapi kadang-kadang mengacau dia lebih and i can't do my work properly. -________- sometimes i just wish that he off to sleeps. hikhik...

balik wedding we just stayed at home, watching movies, and munching on fruits and snack until we falled asleep and only woke up nak dekat maghrib, lepas tu kelam kabut makan and kemas barang sebab nak tidur kat rumah MIL. MIL was alone at home as abah is busy with Le Tour. encik husband balik semata nak tengok bola (we don't have astro, remember?). i accompanied him while doing my Sudoku, and cannot tahan until 1am i asked him to masuk tidur since dia pun macam terkebil-kebil tahan mata. cute!berlagak macam orang muda, tapi tak boleh pun.

ahad pagi tu, MIL dah siap-siapkan breakfast and i had roti canai and some kuih. then, we went to Ikea to survey some items for home macam bookcase and baby cot. i bought a nice cheap big glass bowl, and already used it malam tadi letak kuah bolognese. husband insisted nak ajak i pergi makan Chillis or TGIF, but i want him to splurge the money for my new handbeg, as a birthday present!! he said okay, tapi ajak makan jugak.-_________- apakah??

and i insisted to have lunch at home as i wanted to cook! (i missed being a solehah wife, remember?hahaha)

we stopped at carefour, and he bought me some mini piza, and a few snacks. he even bought me bayam for my makan. malam tu we spent most of our time talking, hugging and playing around the house. husband cut fruits for me and baby pie, tembikai and honeydew. he was so sweet, he even stored the cut fruits in tupperware for easy munching. he cleaned the dinner table before me, and even wipe the kitchen top for me. sobs sobs.....tedih la...

lepas ni almost 1 week tak jumpa dia lagi. he'll be back to his training centre downsouth. i hope he will missed me as much as i do. take care sayang...we'll see you when you come home okay.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Baby's kicking : is it normal?

at about 25weeks, some of my friend said that my baby is quite active. even encik husband said, baby pie is just like the mother, active! i think by means was that, actively talking and moving around? prfttt...and my friend also said, "kau ada 3 more months to go, and anak kau dah active camni...kau bayangkan nanti perut kau dah besar, and anak kau dah takde space nak gerak, tapi dia active macam sekarang, camne?sakit tau!".

well well well, wasn't that a great story to be heard? -__________-

anyway, i had looked up on the internet and i found non-tips to reduce the movement for an active baby. i don't give up, i mean i'm giving up looking in the internet, but i berserah and tawakal to my Greatest God. so i'm back where i'd started, reading Al-Quran. ehehehe....

i downloaded a complete surah yasin in my phone. i switched it on and put it near my tummy, and - there it goes!! suprisingly baby pie had stopped moving!! or at least, baby pie did not move as fast and constantly like she did. hahaha...good job mama!! *thumbs up*

tak tau la apa sebabnya dia bergerak aktif macam tu. it was quite a good feeling, knowing that you are pregnant, and that she's a healthy baby, but sometimes, bila dia bergerak tu, i do feel like vomitting, and like cramp/senak on my tummy, i mean ini gerak yang non-stop ke apa.

the reasons that i can think about right now are because:
1. baby pie kepanasan. you know, living in a 36 degrees (or more) of temperature can really give you a moody kind of feeling. panas kot.

2. that baby pie is boring being alone inside. mama dia was a bit busy these few days, and her papa is not around to keep talking with mama, so baby pie tak dengar any familiar suara so she's kicking around to notify me, "hello mama...i'm here and i'm boreeeeddddd!!".

3. the limited space she have. as i said, my tummy is not that big and i don't actually look like a pregnant lady, i'm more like a fat lady...-___________- sobs! it's alright, i work it out nanti.. so, due to the limited spaces, baby pie is stretching to get more spaces.

4. she is just being a normal 5-month baby and she's kicking just to have the idea on how to use the legs and that she's ready to join in the taekwando class. well, papa will be the most happy person on earth sebab anak dia excited nak join martial art's class.

i won't let you join the class. sian anak mama nanti kena tendang-tendang. sobs sobs..... -___________-


anyhow, the surah yasin helps alot. apart of giving calmness to the baby, i also feel great. dan semoga me and my family sentiasa di bawah lindungan Allah, the Almighty.

this weekend encik husband will be at home. thinking of cooking spaghetti since i don't eat rice dah. maybe he'll like it.

 malam tadi dia balik, suprisingly. he missed me as much i do i guess. hari-hari doa semoga our love will never fade, that i will always have this strong feeling towards him, and that he will love me and our baby more than his own life.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kicking it!

encik husband balik awal then expected. 9.30pm dia dah call i (untuk yang ke 5 kali), telling me that he's coming home and i should be ready for a dinner outside. -_________- ye sayang, i tau u nak balik and i too, as excited as you are. hikhikhik....

before dia balik tu, i sempat panaskan popia and rojak, office mate bagi sebab dia datang melawat kitorang dari branch dia kat Sunway tu. popia ayam, takla sedap sangat but edible. makan dengan abang and my SIL lepas tu, kemas-kemas bilik 'bujang' i tu, siap tukar cadar and pillowcase, kata suami nak pulang.

ayah kan sebok, sebok suka solat kat bilik i, lepas tu dia ejek i, "hujan la malam ni....hujan la malam ni...", just because i changed the bedsheet and kemas bilik..macam buang tebiat la.. ha ha ha....jahat angat tau! siap pasang candle lagi, serious bilik tu dah bau macam bilik pengantin kitorang masa mula-mula kahwin dulu. hahaha....padahal kat rumah sendiri takde pun nak pasang aromatic candle ke apa...tihii...

by 9.30pm tu encik husband dah sampai and terus pergi makan Kedai Sedap. i had a piece of roti canai and teh tarik, encik husband makan nasi goreng paprik and roti canai and teh o limau. had a good talk and laugh dari malam tadi sampai la pagi ni dia nak pergi balik training centre dia. by 6.30am dia dah on the road.

malam before tidur tu, selalu we all talk about daily activities and all. lepas tu mestilah cerita pasal baby pie. pie was rapidly moving semalam. so i asked encik husband to touched my tummy. letak je tangan dia, bergerak-gerak la baby pie tu. encik husband lepas tu memberi sepatah dua kata kepada baby pie, hahaha...tecik-tecik dah kena marah dengan papa dia. lepas tu dia tak gerak dah. lepas a few seconds dia gerak balik.

encik husband tanya kat baby pie, "hey, cakap apa tu??". so he puts down his left ear on my tummy, pastu kena tendang dengan baby pie. cute!! baby pie kecik-kecik dah tag team dengan mama dia. bila dah tutup lampu, mama and papa dia nak tidur, i felt she's moving on my side of tummy. dia tak kacau pun, but i rasa macam geli and a lil uncomfortable la. but i'm okay. at least i know she's alive and healthy.

hari ni i dont think encik husband akan balik. ahhh....sleeping with the one you love always gives the best comfort and warmth. and by being with him, and tengok muka dia every morning, and to see his smile everytime i wish him, "good morning sayang....", is just the greatest feeling. you know, i'm still smiling when i type these down.

i just love him. after 9 years, i still love him as much as i do. i pray hard that this feeling will last until forever.. =)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

He's Back


i'm so happy at this moment. kan i cakap encik husband ada kat area KL for his training but he didn't have the chance untuk balik (tak boleh balik), waima jumpa i sekejap pun. but good news is, he's home tonight! walaupun dia akan sampai rumah around 10.30pm. -_______- prftttt!! but whatever it is, i'm so happy and baby pie is kicking happily inside!die pun tau kot papa dia nak balik..=)

thinking of cooking, nothing special only homemade cooking, but encik husband insisted on dine-in kat Kedai Sedap. we named them by Kedai Sedap sebab oh gosh, roti canai dia memang terbaik sangat!! for rm0.80 for a piece of thick roti canai, and lagi sedap sebab orang Melayu kita yang buat, Kedai Sedap definitely have both of my thumbs up, hahaha!

tapi okay jugak encik husband balik malam sikit, sebab bilik i kat rumah mama ni, boleh tahan macam bilik orang bujang. i mean katil and furniture semua dah macam hotel, tapi on my bed you can easily find my hairband, my sepit rambut, sikat, earphone, a few pieces of receipts, and others. better i kemas-kemas, and siap mandi before he comes back.

mula-mula masa tau tu, encik husband just BBMed me. saja kacau-kacau dia tanya dia balik ke tak. sekali dia reply,

"kalau kita balik, awak masak tak?heeee...."

so kalau dia tanya macam tu, i dah boleh baca dah, dia memang balik punya. happy kemain la i kat office. dah fikir-fikir nak masak apa. tapi tiba-tiba rasa macam penatnya nak masak. hihihi....luckily encik husband nak makan Kedai Sedap. so okay la kan.

tak lama lepas tu dia call. call just nak bagitau dia balik lambat. prftttt......BBM je pun dah boleh kot. sengaja la tu nak dengar suara wife dia yang macam halilintar ni. eh tak percaya? dah banyak kali masa we had a conversation ke apa, in the end dia akan tutup telinga dia dengan tangan sebab i cakap kuat sangat. hahahahahahaha......maaflah. kerja saya yang membantu kelontaran suara saya ini. waahhhh.....hikhik!

hopefully tak hujan lebat sangat. semoga encik husband sampai dengan selamat sebab roti canai panas tebal berharga rm0.80 menunggu dengan sexynya atas tempat gorengan. omnomnom.....=)


husband being so nice to me. well, selalu pun dia baek-baek je dengan i, tapi sejak pregnant ni lagi bertambah baik, and i jadi semakin lemak berkrim (emotionally and physically...prftttt!). sentiasa memastikan isteri tercinta ni cukup makan and cukup rehat. rehat tu subjektif la sebab bila encik husband balik, berganda kerja nak kena buat kat rumah. but i'm not complaining...=)

tapi i realized i kept on chanting, "i lapar la b..." every 30minutes after we had a meal. so bad, right? sebab tu doctor suh kurangkan makan nasi, sebab ibu nandong suka la sangat munch on unnecessary things, so sekarang i tengah puasa nasi. ha ha ha, kesian ibu nandong, dah macam orang on diet. kalau ikotkan hati nak je i belasah oats pagi petang siang malam, but how about baby pie?see, mama sacrifice for you. -______- but after two days without nasi, i don't feel strange, kenyang jugak macam biasa. tapi sikit2 nak kunyah. so i prepared kismis and dates.


last week kan encik husband was around KL so memang setiap malam tidur i beralaskan lengan beliau. sweet sangat....pastu pagi-pagi dengar dia ngomel, "lengan i lenguh....". cis! ingat i tak boleh nak tangkap double meaning dia tu. but anyway, dia tetap hulur lengan dia untuk i setiap malam, without once dia take it off.

so ada sekali tu, i kat ofis, pagi la. so i'm a bit missing him so i gave him a call. tapi tak berjawab. i ni memang ada hantu dalam badan kalau call tak berjawab memang hangin puting beliung dalam badan ni berpusing-pusing. so puan wife dah merajuk kat situ and mula nak cari gaduh. i didn't reply, not even once his BBM, and i didn't picked up his calls.

and by petang i BBMed him, "u tak payah amik i, i balik naik bus...".

wahhhhh.....bajet laki kau teringin sangat nak amik kau la kan. noticed that he read my BBM but he didn't reply. ni pun buat i hangin jugak. tapi takpe la. kate dah in the fight kan?so kita teruskan lagi. by 6.40pm i arrived at the station, and he BBMed me, "tunggu i kat train...".


so dia pun sampai, i pun dengan muka tak malu naik kereta. tadi beriya-iya nak naik bus. wakakakaka.... stupid nonsense pregnant lady. hikhik....salam encik husband, and i kept on being silent. encik husband pun bawak i jalan-jalan ke jalan yang asing. wahh drama. tiba-tiba dia stop kat pasar malam. i seriously takde mood nak jalan dengan beliau. kata gado kan?

keluar je dari kereta, dia pegang tangan i. macam biasa. teehee...terus berbunga-bunga hati ini, pastu terus rasa nak peluk dia sebab rindu satu hari gado. hahahaha....rasa nak hentak kepala kat pokok pun yer jugak. so encik husband belikan macam-macam untuk i kunyah. keropok lekor, jagung bakar,murtabak, air kelapa. pastu dia beli sayur-sayur untuk i masak. dia nak makan nasi paprik malam tu. i pun pilih macam-macam dengan perasaan berbunga-bunga.

pastu jalan kat pasar malam haruslah ramai orang. yang encik husband sebok nak pegang tangan jugak macam ada orang nak curik bini dia. hahaha...i kadang-kadang kalau kat pasar malam sorang-sorang hangin jugak tengok orang jalan berpimpin2 ni. menggangu traffic. tapi kalau kita buat tak pe la plak kan?hahahah....maaflah sesiapa yang menyampah tu.

pastu dah alang-alang encik husband mengalah tu, i pun mintak maaflah jugak, sebab bergaduh the whole day. he was at his mom's house the whole day, playing PC games. patutlah tak berangkat. so memang i buat keputusan no astro and PC at home. sebab benda ni semua boleh buat gaduh.

gaduh-gaduh jugak. tapi kalau dah nama boyfriend, sayang plak tu...haruslah sekejap je dah baik. hihihihi....


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1 step at a time

satu hari masa dalam kereta nak hantar encik husband ke tempat training centre dia, tiba-tiba beliau bersuara,

" month kita shopping barang baby nak tak??"

whoaahhhh.....i thought i was the one who overly excited about the baby pie, but i guess i am not alone in this world. *goyang-goyang bontot* haruslah dengan sepantas kilat i setuju (sangat) dengan cadangan dia. but actually, it is not i don't want to buy things for baby pie, tapi pantang larang orang melayu kan cakap, jangan excited sangat, and shopping barang baby dalam 7-8months of pregnancy.

tapi since next month i dah nak masuk 7 bulan, so i guess dah boleh beli la kan? first of all i nak pergi IKEA beli bookcase dengan wadrobe baby pie. lepas tu nak beli baby cot/crib, lampu tidur beliau, reading/nursing chair.

untuk newborn baby ni sebenarnya, i dah kirim kat my sister kat UK to buy me a few sets of rompers and jumpers. i memang suka sangat newborn baby pakai jumpers and rompers, and it's all white or cream colour!! so adek dah belikan 3 sets from mothercare and mark&spencer, yang dalam tu ada 7-pieces, that costs me 7 pound each. *mata berdarah*

so kalau kali 3 sets dah ada 21 baju untuk baby pie, that's why i don't (yet) buy baju baby kat sini. toiletries baby, anytime boleh beli kan? it's quite cheap, and tak perlu sangat nak mintak encik husband belikan. tapi yang wajib encik husband belikan adalah seperti yang dinyatakan di atas. yang lain-lain mama boleh handle sendiri.

dulu, i selalu browse tengok barang2 baby. sekarang ni bila dah dapat green light dari husband, macam gelabah sangat nak beli yang the best. hahaha....menyampah kat kat diri sendiri!

oklah, got to go. ada kelas plak pagi ni. petang kita update lagi, insyaAllah.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Cheap 2D Ultrasound in KL

semalam around 9pm, me and encik husband went for an ultrasound to check on baby pie. oh sheeshh, she is a healthy baby, tak reti dok diam! this was not my first time going to the ultrasound but was the first time for encik husband as his last visit was not counted because the stupid doctor cannot detect anything.. -_______-

encik husband seemed quite blurr with the whole thing, you know images and the position of the baby, but i'm sure he was excited as me! he holds my hand every time we walked together, or in the car. he showered me with all his loves and attentions that he could give.

anyway, baby pie was not ready to show us 'who' she really is....hikhik! means we don't know the gender. mama was a bit disappointed but relieved that baby pie is a one healthy baby. her head is approximately at 24weeks! but the doctor said mama cannot do a lot of hard works, cannot angkat berat, and cannot walk laju-laju. la..

 i totally banned Klinik Idzham especialy at Taman Melawati Kuala Lumpur, bad services, stupid doctor, arrogant, and not even a smile (specifically this one old tudung labuh lady doctor). i will never go to this clinic again. ever! received 1 unknown-printed pic of the ultrasound. not happy and totally disappointed!

then second ultrasound i did alone at Klinik Mediveron Sri Rampai. a young chinese male doctor at the time of my visit. very soft spoken and good services. semalam ingat nak buat kat this clinic jugak, but clinic was close due to CNY. received 1 cleared of different pictures of head and thigh in one printed picture. so happy and happily cried all the way from clinic to home!!=)

so we went to this clinic for 3rd ultrasound. Poliklinik and Surgeri dekat simpang 4 (traffic light) Jalan Genting Klang, near Wangsa Maju LRT station. Klinik Kita kot nama dia. memang specialist in maternity and gynae rasanya. doktor melayu lelaki and very soft spoken. had almost 20minutes session with him. Dr. Hisham nama dia. tunjuk semua parts of the baby pie. head, tangan, perut, kaki, toe, peha, but could not find the private part sebab baby duduk kat position yang susah nak tengok. received 3 printed pictures of baby pie head, stomach, and thigh.

all of these ultrasound services price range from RM40- RM60.


then we went to Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar at seksyen 2 Wangsa Maju. sedap sangat, we had double beef patty and lamb burger. and the drinks they offered was the best!! lemon juice with soda. mak aihh, sedap sangat!!

went home straight and arrived around 12am. memang terus tidur la masa tu. =)

so i guess, we just have to wait until the delivery of the baby. so mama tak payahlah susah-susah nak belikan barang untuk baby pie lagi. or maybe i will only buy all whiteys je, unisex and senang nak mix match kan. and also, mama have to wait until habis pantang la untuk ke Chilli's, sebab if i know it by now, dah boleh suruh papa belanja makan dah. hikhik...but i can't sebab i tak tau.=)

so baby, keep it together yea!mama really miss you!!even if you are inside me, but i just wish i could hold you and kiss you. walaupun mama miss you, but please come out at 39weeks okay, not earlier than that. hehehe....i love you much....see you soon... *love*

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mr. Househusband...=)

pagi ni, i called encik husband twice tapi tak berangkat. nak marah je rasa sebab rindu punya pasal. hahaha....melampau angat tau wife perangai macam ni. tapi tiba-tiba nak sedapkan hati mesti kata encik husband tido sebab semalam tengok MU vs Real Madrid dah sampai pukul berapa kann. then pagi tu hantar i pergi kerja lagi. hahaha....eeeee, tak sopan langsung wife macam ni.

sekali memang betul. i rasa dalam 1 hour lepas i called tu, he called me back. sah memang tido sebab suara baru bangun tido kita tau la macam mana. so he asked me,

"sayang....ayam masak lemak tu, i masukkan dalam peti ais boleh?"

oh rupanya dia ada lunch date dengan kawan dia, so he won't be eating that. before pergi kerja tadi i dah panaskan, yela, masak lemak kan, ada santan senang basi. so i told him to simpan the ayam.

pastu senyap je encik husband berjam-jam. aikk...takkan tido balik??but i know he has some works to be finish by today sebab sabtu dah nak kena submit. so i guess he must be busy working. sekali i received these on my BBM.


baju dah siap berlipat...

periuk dah siap bercuci...

baju dah siap bersidai...

 tong sampah dah siap bercuci...

waaaaa.......i terharu sangat, rasa nak nangis jer. i felt so guilty sebab selalu kerja-kerja ni memang tugas i. but i really don't have the time, and plus i senang to feel tired nowadays (tak tau la because of pregnancy or because getiting old...). but really i don't mind doing this. apart of having my muscles to move, dapat pahala kan?;)

so i marah dia. i cakap , "syg, i can do these bila kita balik nanti. nape b buat semua tu?i tak suruh pun..."


tapi i rasa sangat bersalah. -____________- but at the same time i bersyukur sebab i tau waktu i sakit or waktu i susah, i will always have him to help me around, and i pray he won't change. and i pray hard i will not take him for granted.

he has been so nice to me lately. apa i nak dia belikan. apa i nak makan dia bagi. i nak seluar, dia nak bayarkan. even payung pun dia nak belikan, takut sangat wife dia dilanda demam. semua benda nie yang dia buat, buat i takut untuk kehilangan dia. sebab he really is a good husband and a father to baby pie.

i doa suami i sentiasa di bawah lindungan Allah, and akan dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dan rezeki yang melimpah ruah. juga jadi suami yang soleh dan i akan jadi isteri yang solehah untuk dia. i promise not to sakitkan hati dia or do something that can hurt him in any ways. i just love him so much and i bersyukur sangat Allah temukan i dengan dia.

so i BBMed him,

"tq sayang...tq so much...i love you..."

A Tired Pregnant Lady

semalam i felt so tired. err...i mean i 'don't' feel like i'm tired, but at the end of the day, laju je i dunked in to my comfort bed. semalam kerja, and by 7.00pm, i arrived at the station. encik husband picked me up, and went straight home.

sampai rumah terus masak. encik husband requested for a burger, tapi i tak sampai hati nak masakkan dia burger je. it's makanan orang bujang, he has a wife now. and lagipun masa dalam kereta tu i tanya,

"sayang......are you hungry??"

"e'erm...lapa sangat sayang...." sambil buat muka kesian.

i sambil cucuk-cucuk perut dia i cakap la,  

"cehhh....perut jawa kan ada hati nak makan burger jer, ni perut makan nasi sayang....jangan nak eksyen sangat....ahahahahaha!!"

so balik tu, i terus cepat-cepat masak ayam masak lemak cili padi. found 1 potato (adoiii....) so potong 4 campak dalam tu sekali. tadi beli serai and cili padi, blended all together with garlic and onion. thanked God ada microwave, defrost kan sekali ayam beku, dalam 15mins dia dah defrost. so yeay!

masak cepat je, but kemas and washing all the bowls and stuff yang took almost 30mins of the time. lagi nak siang kangkung and all that. plus cooking and playing around with encik husband kat rumah memang la almost 1hour jugak nak cook. -______- see, having him around the kitchen doesn't help me much. he loves to kacau me despite i dah la a 6-month pregnant lady, lagi nak kacau.

mandi, solat and all, dalam 8.30pm jugak la we had our dinner. menu for last night were nasi putih, ayam masak lemak cili padi, kangkung tumis cili padi, and telur masin rebus. sedap and kenyang, Alhamdulilah.

malam tu my parents in law datang, bawak chocolate cake, to celebrate abah's birthday. last tuesday kita celebrate jugak, tapi bawak abah makan luar jer, ni mama datang bawak cake. yummy sangat!! borak-borak semua by 11.40pm diorang balik.

we continued watching Brave while makan Cheezels, but i ended up sleeping like a baby. encik husband had to forced me to wake up, nak masuk bilik. kesian dia. ada best friend, tapi best friend dia tido dulu...hahaha!!

at 4.00am we bangun, you know, to watch MU vs Real Madrid. mula-mula encik husband je yang tengok live streaming, then i terkejut dia jerit "Gollllll!!!". i just had to be with him , so i bangun towards him kat depan sambil bawak bantal, duduk celah ketiak dia. dah golek-golek sekejap, i bangun, took a glass of twister, the left-over cold chocolate cake (yummy!!) and some oranges.

entah bile, i tertido lagi. he had to kejut me lagi for the second time nak masuk bilik. and i woke up around 7.30am and arrived at work by 9.30am. lambat 30minit dengan sengajanya. heee....and today, dengar dapat halfday ke balik awal. well, working with the non-muslim, occasion macam Valentine's Day tu ada. so kita pun terpaksa balik awal, laluan dan penghormatan kepada mereka yang menyambut. i'm a muslim, definitely i don't celebrate it.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Small Things (we love!)

encik husband is here!!err well, he was back at home last monday and will be around the house until this sunday. since we had two days of holiday (public holiday CNY), we had a lot of fun when spending times together.

i had a vacation with my family, tapi monday morning tu terus balik our home. tapau some sambal and kuah ayam masak merah, and before reaching home, stopped by to buy some groceries. decided to cook nasi lemak, goreng ayam (to make ayam masak merah), and other side dishes of nasi lemak such as telur rebus etc.

i thought he'll back petang, selalu kan dia macam tu, sukati dia nak balik pukul berapa, oh boy i was wrong this time. by 12pm macam tu dia dah sampai. and puan wife dengan selekehnya kemas rumah, dengan tak masak lagi. -______- i preferred to cleaned up the house before cooking sebab i nak encik husband selesa bila sampai rumah, that the house look nice and crystal clean. and thanked god i decided untuk balik from vacation kul 9.00am. kalau i balik pukul 2pm, you know thinking that he will be back somehow around petang-malam, tak ke sedih?

tengah-tengah i mop rumah i dengar dari luar pintu . "psstttt....psttttt....". i was all excited, tau kan encik husband nak balik, boyfriend kita tu, syurga kita tu. then i replied, "salam sayang....bukan pie dengar je papa dia cakap apa tau...".

sampai depan pintu, macam biasa mesti ada tol. "yer encik, cari sape?". encik husband jawab, "cari wife saya....kita rindu sangat kat dia..". sambil bawak beg, dengan tangan pegang baju keje gantung kat hanger. sangat comel. -_______- i was hoping dia balik dengan tangan ada KFC ke, ada bunga-bungaan ke. hahahaa.....berangan sangat oi!

had a few kisses between the closed grill, padan la muka. dah la tak bawak jajan untuk kita, pastu nak kiss-kiss plak. kiss la yer celah-celah grill tu. hikhikhik...

while encik husband kemas barang dia macam biasa, i fnished up mopping and start cooking. ayam tadi beli 2kg tak bersihkan lagi, so cecepat bersihkan, siang kangkung, rebus telur, ikan bilis semua and siap. sedap sangat!i kan penggemar telur yang tegar, memang sedap la sangat (aha puji diri sendiri!), and after awhile, bilik pun memanggil-manggil untuk beradu.

lepas makan tidur sampai pukul 6 ke macam tu. pastu i thought of having cut fruits and makan on bed. pergi dapur, took a glass of orange juice and some cut fruits and makan dalam bilik dengan encik husband.

we spent the day, talking and hugging, and holding each other hands, cherished the-whatever-time we had left before encik husband kena keluar bertugas lagi. although dia ada seminggu kat rumah, and since im working and he's too, so time cuti-cuti ni la nak spend the time sama-sama.

last 5th February was our anniversary of being a couple for 9 years since 2004. we didn't managed to celebrate it together, so time-time cuti ni la kita celebrate. no candle light dinner, no hadiah (err...coming soon right sayang?), but just being loved by him is already the greatest gift ever. almost every hour we asked each other, "awak sayang kita tak?". kalau rasa nak bercinta, jawapan harus manis-manis belaka. kalau rasa nak pedajal, jawab la bukan-bukan. hikhik...

sometimes benda-benda kecik la plays a big role dalam daily life kita. i always appreciate small things, yang besar jangan la cakap, wajib hargai. but when i am alone, atau encik husband takde for training ke apa, the things he said, gesture dia, buat i senyum sorang-sorang. he was not like this before. selama kitorang couple, he didn't assured me by doing any of these things. jadi bila dah kahwin dia buat macam-macam untuk i, i always feel blessed and really, i feel like in love again with a new boyfriend. really buat i bahagia. =)

now, he is at home ,alone, and i just can't wait to finish work at 6. semangat sangat nak jumpa boyfriend tite!!heee.....

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baby Pie and The Father

sekarang i dah masuk ujung week 23 dah. orang kata week 24. so thinking of doing 3D/4D scan tu. tapi encik husband cakap, nanti tak suprise la baby apa keluar. -_____- ceh! senang je dia cakap. esok yang terkedek-kedek pilih baju apa suma, kita jugak. yang nanti cakap baju tu comel la, tak comel la dengan baby dia, tak lain tak bukan, dia jugakk...habis tu taknak tau anak apa?

tapi sebenarnya mama dia yang excited lebih. i mean, bila dah moden ni, ramai ibu-ibu share experience and all that, kita pun nak jugak. lagipun kan first baby, excited lebih la. doa hari-hari memohon dikurniakan zuriat yang ramai, tapi kalau dah ditakdirkan Allah satu nie je, pun syukur alhamdulilah. so the first one will always be everything, except when you ada anak lagi la nanti, so kasih sayang tu kena sama rata.

eh??macam mak-mak plak cakap kan?hikhik...

anyway, baby pie sangat-sangat aktif lately. me and husband said that our baby pie loves to do somersault, it is a type of acrobatic movement. hahaha...i rasa semua baby pun buat kat mama diorang macam tu. but baby pie sangat-sangat aktive, especially lepas i makan or tengah baring. kalau i berdiri or sitting down, die siku-siku i jer. tapi kalau i baring menelentang, perghh...herot-berot okay perut i dah macam apa jer. i thought baby pie is a bit small, but baby pie is very-very strong. just like the mother. ecewahhh...

yela...strong la...papa dia kan is not around. so mama dia do everything by herself. so baby pie akan mewarisi sikap independent mama dia nie. oh well, no so independent, sebab attention requires from the father adalah more than 110%. kan papa kan?ahahaha.

up until now, gender baby masih tidak diketahui. kalau tanya instinct mama dia, jangan harap la. mama dia buat tak heran jer. kejap-kejap nak baby boy, kejap-kejap nak baby girl. but don't worry, both gender already got their names. and their names unlike the parent's name. jauh beza. but full with meaning and do'a.


oh semalam kan, i tengah landing-landing on the bed, sebab tak berapa nak sihat sangat, flu, cough but not fever (great!), encik husband hantar bbm, macam biasa although dia ada meeting and discussion. ape daa meeting at 9pm.

"setiap nafasku...hembuskan nama mu..."

tu. lagu ku pilih hatimu. well, actually it is my song. i mean i love the song and the meaning. so setiap kali naik kereta memang lagu tu i pasang. encik husband's selection of song are so different from me. lagu-lagu rock, lagu-lagu incubus ke ape ke, ha tu lagi dia. my kinda song is like jazzy and soul.

so naik kereta dengan beliau memang kena pekak kan telinga dan tebalkan muka, menghadap kata-kata hinaan dan cacian dari beliau. eh, exaggerate sangat kan kita pompuan ni?hahaha...i mean nanti dia kutuk-kutuk la sikit-sikit lagu i.

"indon...indon..indon...lagu lain takde ke yang..."

i buat tak tahu je selalunya. i mean, who cares you want to listen to whom?eh?heeee.....yela, tapi biarlah i dengar lagu i. lagu i sedap. lagu dia ntah pape. hahaha....suka suki kutuk lagu suami. tapi selalunya dia memang baik hati bagi i dengar lagu i. masa mula-mula kahwin tu selalu jugak dia tekan dari 'USB' to 'FM'. but kadang-kadang pun i biar je. kita kan kena give and take. =)

cuma, kadang-kadang i ada rasa sedikit winning la. macam hari tu, i pasang lagu Adera. lagu popular dia Lebih Indah tu. i pasang lagu tu kuat-kuat masa i tengah mandi dalam bathroom. sambil mandi sambil nyanyi. and lagu to kept playing sebab i set mode 'repeat'.

lepas dah mandi and siap-siap tu, kitorang nak keluar la. sekali i dengar ada humming,

"dan kau hadir....merubah segalanya...."

encik husband nyanyi. hahahahaha.....tu la, benci-benci lagi, lagu indon i. kan dah melekat. oh yes!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Alamak sorry.
Baru teringat nak update blog. Hehe..tipu sebenarnya. Hari2 teringat, but I was quite occupied these whole weeks. Ala siapa bother pun kan tapi kita saje je sebok-sebok nak bagitau jugak.

*senyum kenyit mata*

Oh oh, next week encik husband balik sini seminggu. Seminggu la I ada teman is quite boring dia takde around the house. Rasa lonely. Lagipun dia kan kawan baik I, and also musuh ketat I. So bila dia takde tu memang lost sesangat. Tapi since next week dia akan balik the whole week (despite dia kerja and tak boleh nak melepak kat rumah), but knowing that balik kerja je nanti muka dia I nampak dulu, dah cukup buat I happy and bersemangat untuk habiskan this week.

Lepas tu plak, next week chinese new year, ofis I tutup seminggu. Memang sangat terbaik hidup ini. Alhamdulilah.

Oh, ada satu hari tu kan, I tengah tidur la sebelah encik husband. Walaupun dah on air-cond I tetap rasa panas. Mungkin ibu nandong ni memang temperature nak tinggi je.hikhik..tapi by lepas subuh tu, dah kembali sejuk la bilik kitorang tu.

Bilik I memang ada dua quilt. Sebab satu poly and satu lagi cotton. Yang cotton tu besar sikit dari yang poly tu. Then tiba2 I rasa sejuk sangat. I bukak2 je mata, dua quilt tu bertenggek atas encik husband dengan penuh semangat dan keyakinan. -_-

Encik husband tu memang takde langsung perasaan belas kasihan kat isteri dia yang dah 6 bulan pregnant ni kan? Ikot sedap dia je nak keselesaan diri sendiri.

So I cuit-cuit tepi lengan dia, and dengan niat nak kejut dia,

"B..b...tengok ni.." Sambil tunjuk-tunjuk dua quilt atas badan dia.

"Memang syg nak kena pakai dua-dua sekali la eh?"

Encik husband bangun, and senyum-senyum malu.

"Ala sorry la..mana tau diorang ada kat sini..syg pun memang nak kena kejut cuit-cuit camnila?amek terus je tak boleh ke.." Sambil dia kibas2 kan conforter tu and selimutkan I.

Comforter tu bukan menyelimuti badan encik husband pun, dia macam bertenggek rupa busut semut atas badan dia. I wonder how the hell did they get there in the first place. -____-

I dah sedap-sedap masuk bawah quilt, I pun jawab la..

" Boleh je nak tarik terus, tapi I nak tunjuk kesalahan u dulu. Nanti esok-esok u ingat la, nak tido tu pandai2 la share.."

Hihihi...I gelakkan dia.

Dia pun kiss muka I dengan penuh rasa sayang, and senyum before he went back to sleep.

Comel husband I ni, tapi kalau menyakitkan hati pun memang nombor 1. Dengan isteri sendiri pun nak gaduh. :D
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