Saturday, October 22, 2016

What did i do wrong?

What did i do wrong?

Soalan yang keep on haunting me kalau i rasa things are not the way it suppose to be. Things that are not going to the place it should go. and i was so scared that things will never go to where i suppose it should be. confusing much? so do i.

What did i do wrong?

i have no answer. i have been searching for it for as long as i know but yet i didnt have the answer. i was scared. i really am. scared of things yang i tak tau what will happen. i feel like im all alone doing this BIG thing. trying so hard to ensure that it will not fall down.

What did i do wrong?

maybe i feel like people will not betray me. people will always be kind to me, and treat me with respect and attention.

maybe at this time only i realized that i was actually did something wrong. i let people do exactly what they like, i let people do things that they are not suppose to do, i let my emotion over powered my critical thinking, i let love (if you read my blog you will know that i am person who have so much love for the people that i love, so much that i sometimes forgot to love my own self) keep me away from reality. i let people take me for granted.

for so many times.

and now i know i have to do something. but what is it? but how?

Monday, March 21, 2016


it's been a very long time since i last post an entry here. well, life has been good but i am really really busy like there is not time even to look at the instagram. hahaha... that is how busy i am. kat instagram bukan stalk other people's life okay, but more to online shopping...hahaha...

what should i update here?

my master class is almost done. lagi 2 semester habis. husband can't never been so nice. kadang2 lunch pon dia belikan makan. i balik tengah hari nk pergi class, the food are already there atas meja. kadang2 rasa macam sebak sebab supposely i la yang kena sediakan lunch untuk dia kan, but he did almost everything for me.

including lipat kain. you see, there are tons or perhaps pile of clothes bila jemuran kering, sebab i jenis yang bila baju tu dah melekat kt badan even for 1 hour, i takkan pakai dah. so thats why penuh je basuhan. hahaha... but again, dia la yang lipat kan. every single time.

sama la kalau siapkan beg susu bebudak. dia jugak. haihh...he has been so nice to me.

eh okayla. ni update dalam kelas ni. nanti update lagi k. muaahh!!

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