Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baby's Dilemma

i was thinking that since i (now) get back from work around 2p,, i should have pick up baby sophea kan instead of leaving her with nyai for two days straight. i mean, it is nyai who takes care of her so i tak rasa pape la to be worried . it is just that i feel like i missed my baby even more now. i missed her every second of the day.

kata anak, kan?

at 10months, she's not a baby anymore. sangat suka gelak, especially bila me and her daddy sing it out loud the incy wincy spider song, and the qasidah burdah ya-hanana. she would shake her bum bum back and forward vigourously , and when she's at her back (baring) -_____________-. but we love teasing her like that. nyayi sikit shake lebih. hahaha...

so i just told my husband that i want to pick sophea everyday starting next week. he said okay. im not sure how much we should put aside for the petrol and toll, but i guess we can make it happen. kan sayang?? ahhh having that cheeky little girl everyday at home would be something.

eh dah kul 7 la. nak get ready encik husband balik.

takla rutin kite tapi im trying to make it as a routine:
1. bukak gate utk husband.
2. salam, ciom, peluk sebelum masuk rumah.
3. amikkan air.
4. sediakan makan

ha senang kan? nampak senang tapi penat jugak, sebab lepas tu nak get ready gi jog plak. hihihi....

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quick update!

oh well. hello there!! *lap2laptopyangberhabuk*.

its been a long time yea since i last wrote here?? well, my life couldn't be better than what i have today. mashaallah alhamdulillah. walaupun i found it difficult to be ready by 7, and by 7.10am i should have reach my working place instead of golek2 with my husband cause he-starts-working-at-8.30-and-he-can-continue-his-other-1-hour-sleep is just annoyed me much.hehehe.

but, leaving the working place at 2pm is definitely a heaven. ahh, now you're telling me that i dont have a challenging working environment. tell me, what is the definition of challenging to you? by having some fist fight between the coworkers or clients? yup, i do have that just now. which part of challenging u dont understand? hikhik...

kay, nanti kite sambung citer best2 lagi k. lapar sangat ni, nak g masak jap. daa!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


rezeki Allah ada di mana2. luckily when i was told to resigned as i was promised to secure a place at 'the' company, 'the' company rejected me and said that he didn't promised me anyting. what a f*cker. memang i takkan maafkan dia dan keturunan dia sampai bila2 sampai dia mintak maaf kat i and mengaku salah dia. and alhamdulilah. tak sampai sebulan i tak bekerja, i secured another job. well, being a person that is responsible to deliver knowledge, i get it again.

alhamdulilah. alhamdulilah. alhamdulilah. i dah bernazar if i get this job at this salary, i nak belanja makan both my families.

so, what's new with my working place? it is an international institution, with more than half of the workers are foreigners, i think not more than 10 are malaysians, some are chinese, indian and malay. so it is not only one malaysia, but it is one world. hahaha... the best thing is, i work until 2.05pm but my salary is more than what i earn at 'the previous' company.

so again. alhamdulilah. i just cant wait for my first salary!

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