Monday, September 3, 2012

A great jog

On sunday morning we had a long jog from our house until Sri Satria, the official house for Vice President of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhydin Yasin (hope I spelled it right!). It was a great morning. We promised to start our jog at 7am but manageable to leave the house at 7.50am. Thanks to husband who loves to roll over the bed.. Prfttt..

It was a great morning :) , the sun shined pretty bright, the air was cool and breezy. I think it was about 2km per way, so we had almost 4km jog that morning. Not tired but a bit reluctant because we had to go up and down a mini hill. Eh susah tau..hahaha..

I ran while listening to my mp3 and husband was way behind.hahaha..he jog pretty slow but maintaning his steps while me, I jog a bit fast compared to him but get tired easily. But if I were to follow his steps, I will reach home by its better to 'find' my own way home. The faster way. Hahaha..

Then we stopped by a place near our house to have our cool down session. Husband excitedly went up the stairs while I waited for him downstairs and did my own cool down session. Then I went up and seat on the stairs looking at Wisma Putra and nearby places.

It was still early at about 8.40am and the place was so quiet. I really really enjoyed that quiet moment just the two of us on the stairs, when there were only a few cars passing by, and they don't even notice us there, and we were soaked in our own sweat, but can still have our own sweet pet talk.

Husband being so nice these few days,( he is a really nice guy but after being a husband, lagi la nice..tihhii). I just in love with that guy from the past 8 years.

Balik tu I cooked nasi lemak with sambal telur, and he enjoyed his meal. I said to him that you can have nasi lemak if only you have a 1 hour jog. Hehehe...kesian dia kena buli.

Tengah hari tu both of us pengsan. What a great nap. Golek-golek berdua depan tv dengan pintu semi-open. Nice.

Malam singgah rumah MIL makan kueyteow. I had a stomachacHe so I just sit there doing nothing.before that we went to carefour to buy a few things. He treats me by buying me some prune and potato bun. Yummmy! By 11 we went home from MIL's.

And today is a working day. Oh well, I'm beginning to miss my husband, my friend, oh my very best friend, my enemy (when it comes to finding things and sorting things), and my lover. I always love him, and will always be..:)

Ps: malam ni nak masak ayam goreng bercili!
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