Friday, September 21, 2012

The day

Semalam was our yassin day. It is a day where after isya' prayer, we will take our time to recite the surah yassin. We will make sure to have it every weekend except when I have my mens. By that time, husband sorang-sorang jela baca.

So bila kita ada baca yassin, kitorang takla pegi jogging.memang mengantuk la kalau buat camtu, we had tried it once.

Anyway semalam kitorang baca kat hall depan. I was doing okay at first, reciting with my own yassin on hand, but the last 20 ayat, I closed my yassin and went spooning husband. My head was on his shoulder, and my eyes was on the yassin he held. Baca dari situ jer. (Dasar pemalas)

Lepas 'sadaqallahulazim' I think both of us terus tertido with that position. And by the time I woke up, it was already 1am. And I was in my telekung. Hahahaha...husband pun boleh tahan sengal tertido and let me be in my telekung. -_-

Anyway, husband went into our bedroom by himself (and leaving me alone outside). Fine. I went to the kitchen and munched on something comfortable. And drank a glass of hot chocolate.

Went through facebook and youtube. And by 2am masuk bilik.

At by 6 bangun buat nasi goreng untuk husband. This morning he asked me, "syg, u tido luar ke semalam?". "Ha'ah..nape b?" ."Patut la macam takde u kat sebelah..". Hehehe.... Anje angat tido pun nak berteman kan. Booooo!

Semalam tido I nanges when I hugged him. I know I won't get to feel the warmth of his body, the smell, and his touch when sleeping. I'll be sleeping alone until next year.

Nanges2 pun tido jugak heyy. Ngantuk! -_-

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