Wednesday, September 5, 2012

There is no fun in being apart

dah masuk 2nd week of the month dah. sekejap jer masa berlalu. and with that, i realized now that we have only like 15 days to be around, hanging out together, both me and husband. when he is around, it's like i forgotten that he will leave me for 6 months, for the training which is compulsory to him ( and everyone else).

susah bila bayangkan that he won't be around for quite a long time. i already get used to him being around myself, and being a jerk,haahaha...a jerk in a terms of naughty and childish and annoys me everytime. ada this one time ni, he was arguing with me of him not having enough space in a closet and i was the one who conquered the closet. well of course la, i have more things compared to him thus the space obviously. so he was like bising-bising and because of kedengkian he kept yelling at me to sort my things and not berterabur and disorganized like that. well, i love my things to be berterabur like that. when i feel like sorting my things, i will do it nicely and perfectly baby..*flip hair*

one day i saw my baju like being pull from the closet and tak berlipat balik, but actually i was the one who did that ( i kan clumsy). tapi me trying to be annoying i said "kenapa baju i terkeluar ni..u buat eh?". pastu dia maca terasa and said "bukan i la. takpe la..i nak keluar dari rumah etc etc etc...". so i was like so sad, and had my own silent moment in the kitchen. and me being girly, i was crying in the kitchen when he came at me. hahaha...i yang nak kacau dia, i pulak yang nangis. hahaha...

and ada this one moment (not just this moment tapi like everytime pun..) he keeps on throwing my food from the fridge into the dustbin and kept on membebel that i'm the one who loves to store things and ended up not eating, and the food become spoil and contaminated and stuff. so what? it's a food, and i can even eat a spoiled food when i feel like eating. just don't throw away my food.

and because of that i sulked while cooking. i diam je (which is a common thing to do when i had a fight with him..haha). he knows me very well, he knows me when i am in a bad mood, when i have a problem, when i terasa hati dengan dia, and when i need a fight with him. and usually he will come to me, and hug me and say sorry and stuff, and me? being a one happy wife at home. ehehe...

don't you think i will miss all of these?? don't you think i will miss him being around me being bossy and all?? dengan siapa i nak berborak. we always have a everyday talk when he pick me at the station, and we keep on talking until we reach our house. i think i will get so lonely when he isn't around. sedangkan everytime pergi kerja pun, kat ofis pun both of us keep on sending love message, inikan pula dah jauh macam ni.

these day, i won't let go even a second to be apart from him. hug him and kiss him whenever i can. i know i won't get this opportunity within 15 days and the next 6 months. he is my damn best friend at home. ;(

but the worst part is, i will wake up each and every morning without him next to me.. the one that i look up to see every time..every time.. ;(

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Shayra Hint said...

Oh sedihhhhh..
i hope i can say "be tough fara" but its 6 months..balik rumah ur mum la so that you wont feel alone sgt. =(

fareenz said...

yes she.. ;(
sedih but trying to be strong here...;(

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