Monday, September 10, 2012


i don't want to go out, because i have exam papers to mark, i have exam questions to prepare and etc. husband keep asking me to go, on and on and on. and thus the quarrel. -_- and me as an obedient wife (prrffttt!), i mandi and siap to go. marah marah jugak, tapi keluar pakai baju putih sama-sama jugak....heee sweet jer. inside the car, i kept quiet all the way, and be in my own world. husband bought satay and eat together with the family.

malam tu on the way back home, i still kept quiet and say nothing. until we reached home. husband switched on the movie 'forest gump'. we watched it until i fell asleep. it was so tiring yesterday and i don't know why. or maybe because i love to sleep. eh husband pun!

malam tu masa nak tidur, eh actually i dah tertidur pun, but husband kejut suruh masuk dalam bilik. he was very kind to me..i really miss him right now. ehek mengade plak...=)

anyway, before nak tidur tu, husband hugged me pretty tight and kiss me all over the face. hahaha...i asked him to go to sleep but he didn't say a thing. he just stared at me and play with my hair. it was very very comforting to me. i love when he did that. i love being in his arms. and i love when he did that.

this week we will have our second honeymoon in johor bahru. thinking of going to singapore, but i dont think we have enough time. but i pray that i will not spoil our honeymoon, mood and etc. i will be at my best behaviour. hehehe...and i know i will be so mengader that i want this and that and that and this.hhahaha...

i know right now i have the best husband in the world. who loves me, and cares for me. who compliment for everything that i have done, who will make sure that i have enough in terms of food, clothes, money, shelter etc. who will spend the extra with me rather than going out with his friends. who say thanks for every favor i did. the one who will make sure im comfortable most of the time. the person that will kiss me the entire time, who gives me suprise's hugs from the back, who plays around with me, who sing a long with me, and the most important thing is being silly with me.

alhamdulilah ya allah, for giving me a best friend and a lover, when i dont think i deserved one. i love him for he is my husband. thank you ya allah for giving me this happiness. thank you allah and i pray that You will shower us with all the love and i hope that our love will grow fonder each and every second of our lives.

ps: a few days to go. i feel sick. -_-

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