Thursday, September 20, 2012


Entah ape sedap sangat sambal sotong yang I masak sebab kekerapan craving encik husband to eat them is like twice or thrice per month. Hahahaha... I know that he loves sotong, especially sotong goreng tepung.

You know that we used sotong basah (the white one) untuk goreng tepung, but I don't really like that sotong compare dengan sotong rendam (the brown one).

I definitely LOVE sotong rendam. So anyway, I taught husband on how to eat the sambal sotong , the 'my way'. Hahaha.. And turned out, he LOVES it, but its getting too much.

Habes dah kalau setiap kali pergi Tesco asyik tanya jer sotong rendam tu acaner? Luckiy for him, I love it too. I think at Tesco, sotong rendam costs like rm15 per kg. Quite expensive, selalu I bought the largest sotong satu, or if it small I buy two pieces.

I'm not sure how long does the sotong tahan because dia kena rendam dalam air kan. So using my so called common sense, benda yang dalam air bertakung (water is not moving) would be spoil faster. So selalu lepas beli, basuh and I stored in the fridge in a clean tupperware. But to makesure air tukar everyday.

Tapi selalu within 2 days dah masak dah. Me myself pun cannot tahan. Haahahaha...

Nanti husband pergi kursus, I will always sedih whenever I see sambal sotong. :( sounds funny kan, tapi that's the thing about me. Apa2 yang reminds me of him will always make me miss him a lot.

That's what we called, LOVE. :)

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