Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Raya Experience

ahhhh...back to work after almost 2 weeks of holiday. how's that make you feel?me? im doing good. im a morning person kan....(prfttt!) so i have no problem bangun pagi and all. although kalau time tak keje paling awal bangun pun pukul is just a good feeling to lie down and have a pet talk with husband on the bed.

how's raya?? couldn't be better! as this is my first raya as a wife, there were so many things, i mean NEW things happened around. like, i have never been to kampung before, eh i never ever had my raya at kampung, so the second day of raya we went back to husband's kampung in Johor. thanked God the traffic was not that bad, banyak kereta but still mobile. maybe because it was already second day of raya, so many of his relatives already went home, so it was not that raya, atleast not to me. but, in the evening, almost 5 to 6 cars came to his datuk's house *faint*. luckily mama already cooked so i just prepared the drinks and glasses.

husband and adik were too nice of helping me around cleaning the house, picked up thrashes and all. i couldn't love them more..=)

the best thing was we bought some kerepek on the way home! me and husband bought some kerepek ubi pedas, kerepek roda (or we called them steering just like car's), what else...hurm...some bbq kerepek i don't know what la only my husband eat that and some kerepek pisang manis. ahhh heaven!

on the way back to KL was fun. mama and adik joined us for the trip as abah had to go back on the first raya. we had so much fun talking, singing, and gossiping in the car. hahaha.... i told you right my mother in law is so cool? hahahaha.....

we stopped by husband's aunty's house in negeri sembilan. it was for most, the longest journey so far. the traffic was so bad, and route were not that sleek, and the house was quite far. but the house is so damn nice. big, cosy, a lil bit warm, but airy. aunty or we called her Wak (we are javanese), cooked for us ayam masak asam pedas and it was my first exeperienced. SEDAPPPP!! but i prefer ikan kembung, or ikan duri, or ikan pari. but chicken also nice. and with some egg end salad.

mengantuk sangat and husband at last decided not to wait until maghrib (yeay!), so by 5.00pm we already make our moved. after mandi and salam-salam, and a few pictures here and there, off we go. i can't remember at what time we reached home but i really love my first experience as a wife on hari raya.

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. =)

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