Sunday, December 26, 2010


okay everyone, HELLO!! how are you my dear audience? okayy, since everyone is here, i would like to say a few things to you guys as i thought these few things might be important to you, or better-it is important so i want you to put your ears on the maximum and listen very very carefully.

2011 is coming, and it only takes a few days for it to come.

1. after so long i PLANNED and try to WORK things out, it didn't came out as what i EXPECTED. although, with your CONCERN, this should be happening. right?
2. so i don't want to HUMILIATE myself again, this time, im slowing down a bit. but you have to be CAREFULL, as i'm afraid it is going to STOP.
3. after what you have said to me dear friend, i'm moving away from you because truly said, your words and actions hurt me ALOT.
4. don't be sorry because i don't need your sympathy.
5. while you think that you are the most happiest person in the entire world, i know your secrets. so don't act and bragg as you are one.
6. im not actually liking you but it depends.
7. look around yourself, why people don't agree with you in the first place.
8. oh and look yourself in the mirror. while you are hating other people, again look in the mirror.
9. i've known you for a long time, and i know you well enough. but you never even try to understand me.
10. define friendship please.
11. girls, i love you. although we don't see each other frequently, but i know we love each other so much. this is what we call, growing. bear with it.
12. love don't wait. it comes and go. maybe it hang around quite a long time before it goes away.
13. and yes, i definitely in love with you.

thank you for the attention although semua ni takde kena mengena dengan kehidupan anda. and tomorrow is monday, i need to iron my clothes. hee..


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