Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pick Me while You Can

Alhamdulilah. satu masalah hidup selesai. sometimes we just need courage and facts to work things out. kadang-kadang ape yang kita cakap, orang tak faham. so to make things easier, narrow down your options into only two choices. (a) and (b). not 'buts', cause 'buts' is stupid, same goes to 'tak tau', the most stupid irrelevant answer to any questions. but anyway, i'd done my part and i am so happy to see the outcomes, if there's any. but probably not. but yeah, the problem dah settle, i can continue with my life.

im tired and i don't want any craps to deal with. enuff is enuff.

tadi masa pergi kerja, i was so exhausted and in very bad mood. oh, my very bad mood day doesn't affect anyone sebab usually my very-bad-mood cuma dapat dirasakan oleh saya. maybe i'll be a lil quiet but it's okay to say "hye F..". so boss dengan baik hati announced that today(friday 24th) keja halfday. gila best. and while waiting for the 1.00pm, my boss did manicure for me. turqoise. nice kan?

and bila balik rumah, everything was settled. i am happy about it. maybe once in awhile i will think about my choice but at times, kita dah tak rasa sebeban dulu. kita tak rasa menyusahkan orang and we lead our life according to what we want, although what we want is seldomly we get. right?

sekarang nak tidur dengan perasaan yang 'lite'.

oh yer, im going to change my number. maybe it's still a maxis. reason to change:
1) it cost me a load than what i can afford. 30seconds call for 39sens? bapak mahal. tak tau kenapa tukar rate dia. expensive for me.

other option-celcom xpax ke ape. digi perhaps. depend. will let friends know through FB.

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