Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Day Out Turn Sweet Sour..ahaha!

yesterday me and my boyfriend,we went out to watch some movies. and yeah being the nicest boyfriend ever, he usually bought the tickets online, because it was so damn easy for us just to went to the counter and picked it up.i was and still thinking of applying for a credit card, surely not for showing off, but it's for the convenience. but i have a goal, to have this much amount of salary, only then i would apply one.

so we went to OU (as usual) and chose Tron Legacy. i think my boyfriend was much enjoying the movie, i prefer (that day) to watch romantic comedy movie but there were none of it. and best yet, i slept for almost 15minutes in the middle of the movies, and woke up only when my boyfriend siku me, because i think he knew i was asleep. i don't think the movie was bad, but i guess i was damn tired or maybe the 3D glasses causes me to sleep.

my review: as i paid for a 3D, i was hoping that the movie wow me, and yes-they're not. and i was (for the entire movie) praying that when the program crashes during The Grid, the pixels crashes into pieces and falls on me (audience) and they managed NOT to do so. i was so freaking dissapointed. and when sam's father out of nowhere having this superpower was SO NOT COOL. you are a human in the first place and trapped in your own programme. you are not superhuman. the only things that wow me was the super sleek motorbikes (love!) and the game (the grid) itself.

and shamely to say that Harry Potter beats Tron Legacy. (for me)

after movie, we went straight to SS2 for a dinner. it was my treat because my boyfriend got some good news about his work (congrats hun!).so it was time for us to celebrate something. we were always missed out to celebrate our annivesary due to bad timing and that night was the night. sadly, SS2 only managed to put up 20tables for each night because MP told them to do so. it was not hype anymore, i mean the place.we had to wait almost 10minutes for a table as there were lots of people waiting in the line, and when we got the table, we had to shared it with other know, they talked loud, fast, and laughed like mad. and i don't have the chance to have a romantic dinner with him, like usual.

since the movie was bad, the place was crowded, and the food also bad. too salty for me. he said that, it will be our last time to go was pretty sad because i quite like that place. i mean their pink panther, chicken chop were nice and delicious.

another great thing was, i met my friend, she's married and it was my first time seeing her. just right after i got out from the washroom, she was passing me by. i looked right to her, and we were like, "ahhhhhhhhhhhh..........eeeeee......******..jumpe jugak!!".. it was great after so many years. she's newly bride and the wedding supposed to be somewhere around march. she's pretty, and so nice. we were like best friend although all these years we were only known through the virtual world.

hrmm..boyfriend always so nice to me. we were talking about works and how to deal with i said so many times, i always like when he tell stories. i dont why. i dont know if i love the stories or i just love listen to his voice. and i love to hear his thoughts and ideas. i always respect him as friend, and as a man who always has this brilliant ideas and maturity in his thoughts.he was a good friend too.

talking about future, both of us have created our own future. Insyaallah with Allah's will, things will turn out nicely, right sayang?? yes i love him, i love him very much the same from the very first moment. he is everything to me. my very best friend.

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