Thursday, December 23, 2010

Okay, will do!

nampaknye im beginning to write again. selalunya i take about 5 to 30 minutes to finish an entry depending on my mood and the surroundings. i have almost 10 great entries that should be posted out tapi i couldn't help but keep them in the draft, sebab too sensitive to some people, maybe mengaibkan a few people and etc. i don't want to hurt anyone whether directly or indirectly.

i made a few good things today and i felt proud with myself and i felt good about it, actually. i don't have to mention it or maybe later (indirectly) but yeah, it's good when you did something nice. in that case, you know that for your entire life, that this very one day, was a day when you did something good, kalau nak compare dengan hari-hari yang mendosa je lebih. kan?

staff ramai cuti due to x-mas and office seems so bored. and exam a day before christmas?gila sangat tak respect kepada penganut agama kristian. they all pon need time to be with the family, deco the house, sama macam kita buat preparation for Aidulfitri, Deewali, Gong Xi Fa Chai. what would you feel if others do this exact thing to you? esok i keje sampai pukul 10 malam. i rasa hari-hari sebelum hari jumaat, i need to work until 10 pm everyday. which is good because by the time i get home, i wil be penat like damn and terus tido.

lapar?tak sangat but im craving for these:

kan??sedapnyer.....i never was a big fan of satay from kajang since the first time i ate them at the age of 8. the satay tak well-done, not juicy enough, the marinated satay never that great, kuah kacang not suit my taste. senang cakap, satay from that infamous place never up to my standard.

bila i pindah to my place, i found a very nice and humble kedai tepi jalan, owned by a very old malay makcik with his son (never meet her husband btw) which apparently he was my senior during school. he is so like mat rempit but the thing is, he helped her mom like everyday to jaga the stall. it change my perception you know. rempit=bad. rempit jual satay tolong mak= sweet enough. sometimes his friends pun hang around, tak tau la menolong, atau tolong menyusahkan., jauh menyimpang! oh the satay sangat sedap sangat sangat sangat sedap that i love it very much. kadang-kadang tapau, kadang-kadang makan kat kedai dia. and it was cheap too. totally worth it!

so, weekend's coming. again-movies, satay (night only), and domino's for lunch! sementara tunggu gaji masuk, kita habeskan duit yang ada dulu..=)

ps: things are not the same. we are not young and i can't no longer be the same, if you are not the same person i used to know.

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