Monday, December 20, 2010

Bangun lambat tak bererti lambat

i was late to office this morning because i woke up late. usually my sweet childish sleep ended at 7.30am plus a 10mins of snooze. but tadi, at 8.13am baru bangun. i was rushing like mad and managed to arrived at the lrt putra around 8.35am. uh'huh.....with no make-up on. mana sempat nak pakai eyeliner and dapped a blusher pon. i looked like a mess.

upon arriving at the office, my stomach growled. not because i'm hungry, err..well part of it, but semalam i ate a whole pack of siput sedut or it's scientific name - Cerithidea obtusa . especially bila masak lemak cili padi memang terbaik. so anyway, any sea food dish there's always one yang busuk. i guess i've ate the bad one, so perut sangat sakit. sampai je office, okay you know what the hell i was doing, no need to elaborate on that.

the best thing was, the office has a new look. my boss and other collegues arranged our office to be a better place. more spacious. they moved the student's file's cupboard into my big boss room, they arranged the tables, so our place become spacious enough for us untuk buat kenduri pon. we even have a new stronger chairs.thanks to them!

things are not going well between us-the collegues. i don't know why. we were good and close before this, but now, ermm...things were not the same. i don't know what my mistakes,i don't know what i did to make them do this kind of thing to me. and i don't know if they treated me like this just because the boss is quite keen to me although i am the freshman compared to them. but if i did anything wrong, i am sorry. i don't mean it that just want to do my job.

i went surfing through the net,to have a backup plan called "D-Plan". i am saving my money and time for February's big event, but if the event is cancelled, im gonna use my money and time for September's event. i don't wanna waste any money AND time no more.

i was shocked to see that my money susut already. In conclusion, i am suck at money handling. so no handphone, no laptop, and no camera.

i don't know how you managed to buy that oakley's sunglasses. it was damn expensive man!btw, you looked sexy in it mr.boyfriend..lalala~

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