Saturday, December 25, 2010


since im spending my time alone (which is great!), there are a few things need to be settle down.

1. basuh pinggan - checked!
2. basuh kain - checked!
3. jemur kain - checked!
4. lipat kain - petang..
5. sweeping the floor - checked!
6. mopping - petang..
7. iron working clothes - esok..
8. slides for class - malam..
9. cooking for lunch - err...home delivery?
10. movies - now!
11. kemas bilik sendiri, bilik ayah & mama, bilik abang, guest room - checked!
12. siram pokok bunga - no way!
13. basuh kereta - malam (kot).
14. lap meja, tv semua- checked!

what else? currently i am watching videos from youtube, basically a music video. gosh sure they all have lyrics that make you go "damn....". in the blues perhaps. i love to put myself in that real situation. it keeps me on the ground. ya' know..


im hungry. thinking of going to that shop mall, saje buat window shopping. cars are available. i mean , yang ada semua manual-t. malas la..ececeh..sebenarnya tak pandai bawak..lalala~

im going to have this weekend all by myself, eating, sleeping, goleking, facebooking, blogging and surfing while watching those korean dramas from KBSW. my oh my....pleasure!

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