Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Remembering The Last Moment

Remember the last time when you hold my hand?
it was tight and enough to keep me warm. and i love it.
i love the way you hold my hand.
i love the feeling when your fingers running through mine.

Remember the last time when you smell my perfume on my neck?
it was so close i can feel the warm of your breath.
i always have this goosebump whenever you are close.

Remember the last time when your nose tickles mine?
I love it everytime you try to kiss me.
It was short and sweet.
But it always pull me to have you more.

Remember the last time when your skin brushes mine?
I always push myself closer to you.
To feel you more.
To have you more.

And your lips.
It was red, tender, and sweet.
To kiss you is like a gift from the heaven.
I can never get enough of your kisses.

To love you, means to have you.
And i have to have you,
Simply because i love you.

ps: charlie st cloud. watch it and you'll get what is this all about..teehee..=)

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cupcakesweetheart said...

this is so darling!

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