Monday, October 25, 2010

Few of Many Things That I Like..

Since i'm strike with boredom, thus im occupied myself with reading (from the internet) and yes, blogging. this is one of many ways to do something usefull (or act macam sibuk sangat). menyesal pulak tak siap-siap ikot ayah keluar tadi. dengar macam nak pergi pavillion.


anyway, let's get started people,39 things that i like :

  1. money. because when i have the money, i have the power of purchasing and thus i feel sorta like i have all the power in the world. with money i can go where ever that i want, and buy anything that i need. the only money that i get with my own sweat was about early this year where i worked and gained rm179.75 cent. the rest is of course, parent's money.
  2. make-up. i have tons of them which some of them tak pernah guna pun. some were gifts from friends and family, some beli sendiri, and some curi from my mother.i have all kinds of range from foundation, corrector, mineral powder to gloss and lipstick. but yeah, the things that i use are only the basics.
  3. black, red, and hot pink. now im trying to love white. i think white is sexy.
  4. cooking and baking. but it depends on the mood. once i baked a banana caked with only 4 pieces left of banana, it was a success. and it was my first attempt.=)
  5. cleaning my room or house. i want things to be organized, tak suka sepah-sepah sebab akan pening and moody. moody to myself because too lazy to kemas.
  6. tomyam. man i love this unique thailand's dish! pernah makan tomyam 5 hari berturut-turut and stil never gets tired with tomyam. my favorite is seafood tomyam.
  7. and it goes better with ikan siakap 3 rasa. although this dish is a lil bit pricey (rm25++), but whatever kalau dah sedap makan jela. anything (food) below rm50 is consider as not cheap, but okay-la. but depends on the restaurant.
  8. hot food. yang pedas-pedas sahaja. anything yang pedas selalunya berjaya sedap. kan?=)
  9. anything sweet. juices, cake, chocolate, bun.
  10. mamak food. roti canai, tosai, but not capati, nasi kandar. ate capati only once in my life.
  11. carbonated drinks.
  12. basuh kereta, especialy bila dilanda musibah. it keeps me sane. and plus, Tatum looks cleaner and handsome too.=)
  13. karoke. and sing like a mad person. oh yeah, pergi karoke kena menyanyi penuh perasaan dan kesumbangan. you will feel good.
  14. handbags. i dont have many, i have only like 50 bags but my room dah takde tempat nak simpan. and my handbags selalunya dijaga rapi. masuk dalam dust bag and masuk dalam paper bag.
  15. romantic movies/stories. i always put myself in the play and mula berangan. my favourite are The Notebook, Ps I Love You, and....
  16. parfume. I love to death Miracle by Lancome. masuk nie dah 3 kali beli, only the 3rd time i asked my mom to buy for herself, which you know la later it was mine. now im using Jadore by Christian Dior and Rockstar by Anna Sui. tak banyak tapi cukup untuk mewangikan badan. preparing to buy Gucci Rush 2.
  17. rose clippers. hair accessories. i love rose, big flowers on my head. especially red and white.rasa macam kat caribbean island pulak.
  18. fries from McD.
  19. heels. love heels but tak boleh guna cuma beli sahaja, because im quite a tall person and bila pakai like 4inch heels pon dah macam KLCC bergerak.
  20. hanging out with friends. tapi sekarang semua dah jauh-jauh.T_T
  21. swimming.
  22. travelling. preparing, saving and planning to go london. maybe on honeymoon.
  23. hugging and kissing.. it's one of the way of showing your love.hug and kiss your loves one whenever you can.
  24. sleeping in an airconditioned room with thick warm blanket when its pouring rain outside. and it's 12.00pm. gosh...
  25. being in love and loved by someone. it's the best feelings one could get..=)
  26. driving while listening to love songs..=)
  27. helping people. with all the powers that i have, i will help as far as i could get my hands on.
  28. uniform. polis, bomba, askar, pilot, navy, anything that wears uniform always and will always catch my attention. sexy people!
  29. dress, skirts, mini skirts are always my favour.
  30. sleeping. oh my...(guilty)
  31. indonesian songs. puitis, menusuk kalbu, and sedap.
  32. baju kurung and kebaya.
  33. people who are sensitive enough to realized what had happen in their surroundings.
  34. gadjets. mobile phone, computers, PDA, music player. if only i have lots of money.
  35. weddings. lagi-lagi time akad nikah, kita yang bukan family pun ikot nangis. sebab i know people who get married are those yang betul-betul falling in love..kan?plus ayam masak merah memang terbaik.
  36. the smell of gasoline bila tengah isi fuel kereta. wow sungguh.
  37. smart tag. life is getting easier isn't it?
  38. family. the one and only.
  39. people who are good hearted.

ok now rasa sangat lapar and nak masak since i dont eat anything from morning and now is like 4.00pm so selamat tinggal boredom!!


ps: learn when you know nothing.

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nabilazahin said...

#36, awk suke bau fuel ke? wah hebat2. saya pulak takut isi minyak kete:p kalau bau time isi minyak tu kan, rasa nerves jekk hihihi... paranoid:p

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