Friday, October 15, 2010

Once in a Life

have you ever think of leaving everything behind, and start a new life in a new place? i don't know about you guys, but i sometimes did thought about that. well, it wasn't actually that you are trying to run and leave your problem behind, but this is regarding your no-solution problem, especially when it comes to heart problem (no medicinal intention on that) .

lagi-lagi bila kita rasa tak dihargai, kita feel lost, rasa macam nak pack barang and start a new life. kan? bila diri kita tak diperlukan lagi, give me one good reason why we have to wait for it to happen?takde reason right. we do anything we could but what do we get? nothing. bukan tak tahu, cuma taknak amik tahu, taknak tahu.

anyway, i got an interview offer with one of the international company , have 60 outlet throughout the world (ok ini info dapat masa dia call tadi..hehe). dia cakap if i'll be the one yang dia cari, she said i better pack my things and followed her working in the middle-east, mane lagi kalau bukan DUBAI.

mula-mula i was thinking taknak kerja jauh dari rumah. kerja kat subang pun dah kira jauh okay. but bila bad things macam nie happen, mulalah rasa nak buat bersungguh-sungguh untuk interview nanti. bersungguh sangat where i WILL do some research, on the company, the position they offered, and also what will be my contribution to them.

dubai okay. once in a life chances. i say we go for it!

ps: cross fingers, research, sembahyang hajat.

4 Kata bijak pandai:

shayra hint said...

Dubai??? best2nyeeeee fara!
$$$$$$$$... hehe~

but dear, when things get back on earth, are you sure u really wana go?
wouldnt u miss everything u leave?

Fareenz said...

oh wow, u make me think twice even before i go to the interview..=( kadang2 kite kena ada turning point, for everything to happen..

dan bila kita leaving itu, baru kita tau what are the things that we missed the most..=)

Princess Ayang said...

dear, go for it..
its one in a million punya opportunity..
kalau i dpt offer mcm tu, i will go..

she: we need to do what we want to do.. jgn biar mende2 lain jd penghalang..

mhh said...

muda lagi kot...take the chance..tambah pengalaman..

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