Monday, October 18, 2010

Kapal is not actually a boat.

life pretty hettic sekarang nie. banyak interviews yang kena attend. i feel so tired sebab the preparation before the interview perlu banyak masa dan komitmen. anyway, of all the interviews, i got two job offers, which im still considerating whether to take it or not. and takot jugak nak decline the offer.

oh, bukan job dubai tu. job dubai tu manager dia belom balik dari oversea sebab she promised to call me after she arrives here. and yet i haven't receive any call from her or the company. jangan hoping lebih-lebih, kang tak dapat-kecewa.

tomorrow i've got another interview, a position that i really want. gaji ok, sangat dekat, dan ada career development if you know what i mean. i went to the place tadi, and they asked me to come again tomorrow. so, kena buat extra prep lagi.isn't that nice?


semalam pergi dating kat jalan TAR for the first time after so many years. oh thanks to him by the way *senyum* i told him that im not that kind of girl yang jalan panas sikit tak boleh asyik nak pergi shopping complex jer beraircond bagai. walaupun semestinya lebih sejuk dan selesa, but sometimes we do need a 'fresh air', aite?barang yang dicari tak dapat, keropok lekor, air sirap cincau, dan manisan india susu-my-favo, dan coconut candy yang dapat. thank you for all yer awak, sedap!

later that night we went for a romantic dinner kat kapal. it is really a kapal, only that it cannot move. yeah, we have some serious talked, and later came out with our own solution and agreement. so kata persetujuan dah dicapai, tinggal action sahaja.


ate a few lamb chops and drank fruit juices, then we were good to go. afterall esok (today) adalah hari kerja so tak baik la lambat-lambat.

life is about making choices. it's neither right nor wrong.

ps: thank you for all the treats..especially the indian candy! and tolong ingat jalan nak pegi the ship.

2 Kata bijak pandai:

SyAhiRah LaLAla said...

lama xcatch up dgn u. hows everything farah? :)

Fareenz said...

hye syahirah...
me too, lame x nmpk u online..sebok betul cikgu kite nie..=)
i okay2 je...miserable but in a good way..haha..

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