Friday, October 29, 2010

Forgive and Forget

something bad happened to me. it makes me wonder, why i am still here?? why i am still here, waiting patiently, where all that i've got is hurt?? am i too nice or just being a plain stupid? i don't have the answer, really i don't. but all that i care, is to be here, to be here every second and every moment. i hope my loyalty pays off.only that matters to me.

people deserve second chance. i repeat. people deserve second chance. hear me talking? yeah. but how about people who still wants another chance after doing the same mistakes over and over again? do we, the people who will forgive them deserve to be treated the same way, over and over again?

don't we deserve a second chance after being treated that way?
don't we deserve to be love and live happily ever after?

i still believe in what Allah said, " be good to people and people will treat you good". and Dia sendiri akan balas semua perbuatan baik kita. i know nowadays, kalau kita berbuat baik kat orang, belum tentu orang itu akan berbuat baik pada kita. since kiamat dah dekat, lebih ramai lagi manusia bertopengkan baik, tapi hatinya busuk, kotor dan penuh hasad dengki.

but i CHOSE to live this way. by being nice to people, by trying to see the good side of every person, give a good impression, and forgive people for what every mistakes that they did. i know, someday they realize that they were so wrong and hopefully they will change.

contoh, by being a setia girlfriend, doesn't mean your boyfriend will setia at you back. but deep inside we know, we have done something good and don't do wrong. we are not the one who ruin the relationship. it is better than being the perempuan who chasing after many guys, isn't it? and hopefully the boyfriend will realized that his own girlfriend love him so much that no one could ever done something good and sweet like that.


im no good. but whenever i have the chance to do something GOOD, i will go for it. whenever i have the chance TRYING to be good, hell yeah i'm gonna try it.

for the person who may concern, i forgive you if you read this. i forgive all the things that you ever done to me. i want to start a new life and a new day with a new book. im not very sure if you want to be in that book, but im pretty sure that i want you in my life. things are going crazy but right now i've already put it aside and let it go. im just hoping it will not happen again.

yes, i am trying (very hard) to start to believe and to trust. one more time.

*senyum meleret-leret*

ps: mood baik lepas PMS and new work awaits...ka-ching! \(^^)/

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