Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2 days with her

dua hari lepas, i cuti. well, annual leave i banyak lagi rupanya (lucky me sebab when we changed management, my unused leave can be carried forward...yeay!). so monday hantar babypie cucuk 5 bulan. cried once, and then she was okay. i mean lepas cucuk, nangis sekali, and lepas tu gelak. i was like, "amboi, pura-pura sangat kan?". prftt...

i think sophea was really enjoying the mother-daughter time. i mean, she'll cry when she can't see me, contohnye i pergi dapur masak ke or pergi toilet wee wee ke. she even cried when i stand up to switch off the fan. prftt.... melampau sangat kan.

but it really melt my heart when once, i lied down next to her, and took out my phone to take our pictures together, she was really enjoying herself taking pictures with me, she smile everytime i took photo of us, she touched my face literally my cheek and mouth when taking pictures. i think she tried to play jokes on me. but she was too cute and her action just took my breath away.

and all the time she'll look at the camera, and alternately looking at me. tsk...she's just being sweet with her mommy, isn't she?

then bila dalam pukul 7pm camtu daddy balik after two days outstation. bukak je pintu, daddy said, "assalammualaikum..." (we've been practicing to wish assalammualaikum everytime she wakes up from sleep, or after a long time didn't see her). and sophea was laughing excitedly to see her daddy.

ok, memang melt away rasanye. both me and husband smile to each other to see her 'intelligent' actions. bila daddy agah2 dia pun, still she laughing excitedly. and she kept looking at her daddy. even masa both of us having our dinner together with sophea on my lap, she kept turning and tossing around to have a good look at her daddy.

my babies. owh...owhh.... *love*

lepas daddy dia balik, usually memang encik husband akan update all his work stories and we will share and update each other about the day. so baby sophea was like diligently listened to whatever things we said and talked about. i tak perasan sangat sebab encik husband yang dokong sophea and i was busy preparing to serve dinner.

but encik husband pointed this out this morning when he sent me to work. " macam semalam la, sophea dengar jer bile kite borak2 semalam...".

we were so obsessed with her, even on our way to work pun boleh scroll her pictures and videos. awww..... overly attached parents. hahaha...

esok only i can amek her at MIL's. cuti dua hari and stayed at home with her is just exciting. really you can't get enough of her. so i guess, when encik husband can give me rm2000+ per month nett, i'll stop working daddy.

promise. hahahaha!

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