Monday, October 21, 2013

People Change, and It's About Time

a few weeks ago i went for my friend's daughter 1st birthday party. whoahh...i passed the stage and phase of attending engagement ceremonies and weddings, and now slipped into attending baby showers and children birthday parties. fast time flies nowadays. motherhood. but i like it. in fact, i love it a lot! as i owned a child now, i love babies more than i can imagine. and when i see posts of babies getting abused or in bad health condition, i will be moody and sad the whole day, and even cry at the office.

sounds like a mother, much? hahaha....yeah yeah....i'm 'cengeng' like that. and i will go pestering my husband, saying "B, how can people be so mean??", "B, kenapa diorang bodoh sangat...sakit la baby tu.." , "sayang....i cried at the office sebab tengok baby kena dera...". and you know what my husband will say?

"that's why i don't watch those kind of videos....". prfffffttttt!! whatever...i don't care!

so anyway, masa kitorang tengah lepak2 makan kat birthday party tu, the abang was talking about not-meeting-his-firends-and-go-lepak thing. he said that, at his age (30), people are no longer go lepak. even the guys were already married (most of them) and they like to spend their times with their kids and families rather than go lepak with friends.heh..

 you know, i believed, that one day, everyone will eventually going through the same thing. just like him, and just like me. you know, went for school, passed high school, entered college, passed college, working world, get married, have kids, our kids getting married, got cucu, and grow old with the one you love *waive at husband*, and die. the last part is PASTI.

don't go crazy by saying, "i'm not going to get married.." or "i'm going to die aloneeee...". you're not! we are human. human basically doing the same thing..err....or common thing. it's either you first or me first. having you-first or me-first is not a competition by the way. but we are human. we compete.

anyway, i just wanna say how bless i am, and how thankful i am to Allah (mostly) sebab jalan yang Dia tuliskan untuk i sangat-sangat sempurna segalanya. i've been to my worst and weakest spot ever in my life that i feel there is no point of me living in this world, but alhamdulilah, Allah Maha Mendengar. and Dia tau apa yang terbaik untuk kita.

that's why i said, Allah is the Most Powerful. Dia bagi kekuatan yang i tak pernah tau i ada. bila i ingat balik that time , i know that i will be strong for whatever come by may. for once, i know Allah ada dengan i. people can't never understand, but i know. i just know it. *smile*

so, i think i'm doing great now. having sophea with me are indeed the most precious best priceless gift i could ever had. and encik husband, i know i can't get a man that as good as him. heee....macam semalam, we we just get back from penang, attending friend's wedding. penat memang penat. balik tu encik husband asked me to cooked. fine, tak kisah pun as i love cooking (pleasing him). so bahan2 pun terhad, i just cooked paprik, telur dadar, that's all. so as i was cooking, he put all his effort to unpack our luggage, sort things back to their places. even the tupperware pun dia dah siap basuh.

bila dia buat camni, kadang2 ada benda yang i nak marah pun tak jadi nak marah. i rasa kalau lelaki lain balik rumah tidur je terus. (if i were a man, a husband, i'll do that....hahahaha). yela kan, lantak lah, dah kerja wife. wife buat la. tapi takkkk....not my husband.

cuma lepas makan nasi paprik tu tambah dua kali, dia terus tidur. i masa tu dah gigil2 lapar jugak, tapi sophea was having hard time to sleep (die memang selalu camtu...nak tidur je ada masalah....hahah), takkan nak pass kat encik husband semata nak makan. tak patut sungguh. so i dodoikan sophea until she fell asleep. tapi 2 minit je lepas i letak dia kat sofa, and tengah suap nasi barang 2 suap camtu, die dah bangun. tangan i ada sambal belacan okay. hahaha....

and from now on (eceh...setiap kali pun camni), i promise to try not to pick a fight with encik husband over small things and silly things. kesian la kat die. dia dah buat macam2 kat i. punnnn nak ajak gaduh lagi. hahaha... i just love them to death. i am.

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