Wednesday, October 23, 2013

samsung s3 tiba-tiba tak boleh on

is this thing happen to u?well well well, you are not alone in this situation, because you got me! hahaha...perasan sangat. anyway, kalau tiba2 handphone s3 korang tak boleh on, tetiba semalam okay je scroll instagram and now sekarang tak boleh on langsung. bateri habis?try nak charge pun tak keluar icon charging bateri tu kan? tapi LED biru tu menyala. kalau ade yang try switch on pun, ada rasa macam vibrate sekali dua je, lepas tu dah takde vibration kan?

yer, handphone s3 saya pun macam tu la keadaanya, sebelum doctor pronounced 'sudden death' . hahaha....gitu. sudden death yer. bukan manusia je boleh, handphone pun nak jugakkk.

the death
a day before tu, i was with my family having a nice lunch at seoul garden. having s3, i used that as my camera to take all the pictures since my baby sister dah nak fly UK weekend tu. so kitorang went out and have fun, best sebab my small family semua cukup corrum.

due to the excessive used of camera, batery dah flat out. being me ( a mother of one), handphone dah tak jadi priority sangat, so bila batery mati, i just let it sat in my handbag, until that one sweet guy (psttt...encik husband la who else?) akan keluarkan dari handbag and charge kan untuk i. sweet sangat dan being me, amik kesempatan memang suka...hahaha... sebab tau dia akan chargekan, i memang buat dek je dengan handphone s3 tu.

so bila dia charge, i pun okay je la takde check ape. dah one full day ni charge, no icon, lampu LED s3 menyala, tapi still tak boleh on. called encik husband, die datang switched on pun, ade vibrate sekali, lampu LED biru still menyala, but still nothing appears on the s3 screen.

damn, apehal?? risau dah ni. tapi tak risau sangat la. kalau sebelum kahwin, haruslah laju2 beli cari handphone baru (dan yang pasti bukan s3). dah kahwin duk serumah ni dah depan mata, happy je pun takde handphone.

then, malam second day tu pun, tak boleh on. encik husband being a sweet guy, go la google for me the problem. so here was what we found regarding the s3 phone:

" SDS(Sudden Death Syndrome) is a very bad bug which is killing a lot of Galaxy S3′s. But what is this bug and what does it do?Well,everything starts with the memory chip of the Galaxy S3. It it not an well finished chip, so it degrades after some amount of time using the phone.Not every Galaxy S3 has this chip,so download this app to check the version of the chip your Galaxy S3 has.If you have the insane chip then you are in danger, if not,you are safe "

"SDS or Sudden Death Syndrome commonly affects the Galaxy S3 16GB variant which can cause panic once it happens.
Causes: Flash Memory eMMC chip on the device.
Solution 1: If the device manages to boot up again, install an app called eMMC Brickbug Check to determine if your device is affected.
Solution 2: In case your Galaxy S3 is suffering from it, go straight to the nearest Samsung Support Centre to get it fixed or have it replaced."

tak tunggu lama. we all sent the phone to the shop in cyberjaya. memang kitorang beli kat situ, and dapat warranty samsung original sebab kitorang beli under dataplan Digi. so that kedai memang promise if anything happen hantar kat dia, or boleh straight pergi kat Digi Service Centre kat Solaris Mont Kiara. kitorang pernah pergi dulu masa kitorang beli Blackberry, scroll die rosak.

i only bought the samsung s3 phone for 5months dah jadi macam ni. so sikit sakit hati la, but im all good now. so siapa yang ada masalah camni, just go to your shop yang u beli s3 tu, or sape yang fall under my case, pergi la Digi service center.

sebab tu i always advice my friend, not to buy unauthorized phone. sebab kita tak tau dari mana phone tu datang, and we dont have the knowledge to identifiy whether the phone is original, recond, or fake. so, untuk elak daripada dapat phone yang ditipu, belilah from the authorized dealer macam Digi, Maxis, Celcom etc etc depends on ur telco provider la kan. sebab anything, diorang akan ade warranty for the phone and services.

so, i waited almost one month (dan sebulan tu kena still bayar data plan jugak la...komitmen pun kan). so baru dapat semalam, agak teruja jugaklah, sebab amoi tu cakap, samsung tukar the whole screen. i tanya kenapa phone i mati, dia cakap screen problem. so i guess betul jugak sebab encik husband cakap, dia whatsapp and call i, phone i still receive tapi tengok phone takde pape. sobs!

according to the article mentioned above, i dah download samsung free apss " eMMC check", alhamdulilah, handphone i contained "sane chip". alhamdulilah. so maybe betullah lah screen problem and not SDS. so better u all download sekarang before hilang semuanya.

* thank you encik husband sebab jadi my knight in shining armor. tolong hantar and amek and cek all that. carikan fon baru untuk i, just to makesure you can call and message me. i owe u so much. i love u and thanks for everything.

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