Thursday, April 14, 2011

Science Lab

Today I teach them on the genetic far I'm quite proud with myself.since I'm not a graduate with a biology background,but thanks to the over confident and main redah attitude,I managed to finish it.


The student catching up quite fast.and I promised to take them all out for lunch or have a snack together.

Now I give them a 15mins break, and after that we will have a small quiz for the genetic code.

Tell me I'm obses with my work or what,but I love my job.thinking that I had to leave the job for the sake of further my study,sedih oke.

Tapi akak opis cakap selalu end of the year dapat bonus,malah lebih gigih yer saya rasa lebih bersemangat nak kerja.

Sayang, 1 bulan bonus pon ok dah kan?
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