Friday, April 15, 2011


Bf was so lovely last night for taking me out for dinner / supper.eventhough the kedai is just near to my house,but the effort of taking me out would always make me realize how much I love him.and of course how much I need him.ehehe..despite how cruel he is when he's in the angry-mode..hahaha!

We went to mali's but hell it was packed!patutla malaysia is one of the country yang ada ramai obesity *cough* yer I pun same. So for once we thought of pindah to old town ke pak li ke but he said the que dah okay so I waited for a few minutes.

And there you go-the infamous nasi lemak and char kuey teow.the food was not great but it was okay.nasi lemak I tak makan although I'm craving for it.and thanks to dear bf yang tak offer langsung nak makan.ha ha ha.

Then he suggested going to uptown. For those who doesn't know what is uptown, it is a place where you can see people selling imitation/rejected items with cheaper,handbags,even gears for hiking.mostly uptown's shop open from monday to friday starting at 10pm onwards.

He bought asam (pickling) for me.sedap sangat and I love it so much!thank you dear..and we went home at 1am.

The best part was, I went out by having only my phone and nothing money and no IC.ha ha ha.kena tangkap baru tau kan..

Ps:I love you.
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