Monday, April 4, 2011


hari ini, encik bf ke ofis. maka waktu berdating dikurangkan kepada separuh hari. kerja banyak sangat agaknya sampai hari ahad pun pergi ofis. so we decided to watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa.

out of 10, i give 9.5. out of 5 stars, i give 4.5, and i think this is the first Malaysian movie yang i can rank together with 300,Gladiator and Apocalypto. oh Apocalypto tak boleh, psycho sangat bunuh-bunuh.

in conclusion, i am so damn proud that we (malay) actually have these talented hot gorgeous men to make this such movie yang memang story line bagus, and the way they executed it, memang thumbs up.good job KRU!!sila buat movie berkualiti macam ni lagi dan lagi.

and i just can't help it that most people suka dengan cerita 'hantu kak limah balik kampung". i mean, com'on men, it is not funny at all. despite they had my favo actor Awie, still memang takde ape yang menarik kat cerita tu. i watched them 3 times bila all the cousins played it over and over again, not only i don't like the movie, it is annoying too. especially yang naik wheelchair tu. really la, tak kelakar langsung, annoying, and cheap.and i dont get it why people are so obsessed with it.sorry but seriously i dont like it.

so that's all.thanks dear love for the tickets , popcorn, and dinner.

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Anonymous said...

hantu kak limah balik rumah la hahaha. anyways, i really enjoyed reading your life with your mr. right. but how come there's not even a single picture of you guys?

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