Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Positive #1:Remarkably Great

I went to a bloom taxanomy program,a program dedicated to lecturers,in order for us to improve our ways of teaching skills,attitude,interpersonal skill,and paling penting,a higher standard of preparing our examination questions.

I don't want to highlight on the specific things yang speaker to cakap, but I really wanted to highlight on the positive thing that I purposely picked up in that 4hour program.

1. Always think positive, and thus don't prejudice other people. Along the way,you rarely have an enemy.
2. Be good in whatever things you want to do.waima you nak jadi artis pun,be a remarkably artist.artis yang orang kenal dan orang sanjung.
3. Burn the midnight oil-since that is the best way to sacrife because nanti it pays you well enough.

Dan banyak lagi,nanti I share.

It it just not that:
1. I want a be a remarkably great child.
2. I want to be a remarkbly great lecturer.
3. I want to be a remarkbly great believer.
4. I want to be a remarkbly great friend.
5. I want to be a remarkbly great girlfriend/wife.

But it is not going to be easy. It is going to be tough,but really tough.but we can do it,we must do it because we can. The sky is the limit baby.

Don't underestimate have what it takes to be a great you.

Now I'm at the bottom of my life.I feel useless,insecure,and most important-disspointed. Of course,there's no one to reach out for you.

But wake up,be strong.take one step at a time. We can.yes we can.

I wish you and myself the best of luck. You rules can choose what kind of life you want.

Ps: semangat lepas pegi motivational talk,ha macam ni la..;)

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