Friday, April 15, 2011

Baby Ramadhan

I always think that whatever good things that you do, somewhere somehow ada ganjarannya nanti.if not here,it will be in the other life. You know syurga / heaven.

At my office ada kakak yang selalu bersihkan office.and I'm quite close to her since every morning she always greet me at the front desk where dia selalu sapu2. Until one day she shared a story telling that her baby is having difficulty to walk. A healthy baby boy.

So last week,the baby underwent a surgery to straighten back his veins and so on.

You know right the medical expenses?I don't have rm1million but I try to share the burden she carries all this while.but I don't know how.

So tadi during lunch hour,I felt so thirsty so I decided to go to the is quite near to my office,just a few block away.and I was thinking (while walking) how can I help her.

Sampai kat supermarket I saw banyak susu baby. I grabbed 3 packs of dutch lady milk stage 2 (6months onwards), 3 pack nestle rice and vegetables, a tab of glucose, and 2 packs of petpet baby diapers.I went up to buy toys for him, tapi takde sebest toysr'us. So tak jadi la.

Although tak banyak yang I could buy to help her,but when I think about how good does it feel when you are in a trouble,ada someone yang nak share, even for a day?it must feel good.damn good.

I hope the baby grows well and jadi a soleh baby boy.

Sebenarnye kan, I ni lemah sebab 3 benda je:
B)baby boy
C)baby boy yang gemuk tangan berlipat2 pipi labuh2..eee..

CiOm sedap kan!

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