Sunday, April 17, 2011

Missing is Natural

I'm having my lunch/brunch own sweet time. And mandi lambat.selalu kalau weekend mesti mandi cepat since ada date or just hang out with friends.the best thing was,I took almost 1hr masa mandi.rasa bersih gila.lupa nak berendam dalam bathub tu je.

But the bad thing was, I missed the bbm session with the bf.stressed tau bile masuk bilik berjela bbm from him.I missed him since like 24hr I'm with him. And now he's gone,literally but the barrier jadi macam ni la.really feels like crying sebab even when I found a new trail of semut pun I akan bagitau dia.and being the sweetest bf ever,die pun layan.tapi lepas tu ada la benda dia nak kutuk.

Being away and didn't have the chance to say hi to him,makes me appreciate more of all the things that I have now.and to appreciate him more.

Kalau sesiapa yakin dengan cinta dia,I tabik spring la since it takes a whole of the courage to even feel that.but I am not one of them.

Until today, bila dia bbm to say hi and send me a picture of him,then I realized kalau jauh macam ni,dia still bole ingat I,and to even send me a pic of him?gosh..he really missed me I guess.even masa I pegi the same country tak rasa pun nak hantar gambar or even to contact him.and guess what?memang I tak hantar pun.

He's sometimes-unpredictable.and to be a non-perfect human, there is a few charac yang I tak suka pasal dia.but when it comes to the best side of him,gila boleh rasa jatuh cinta lagi.

Now till he comes back,I'm gonna miss him as much as I could so that I can be so menggedik to him and ask him to buy me everything that I want since memang itu yang dia selalu buat.

Praying yang dia akan tiba Malaysia sihat2 jer.
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