Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eh?hello 2011!!

Gosh, rasa sekejap gila masa berlalu and we are in 2011 now. for your information, im not the one who go out celebrating new year, go partying all night long, dancing on the stage while hugging a few unknown gorgeous man (haha!) what so ever since im a homey, i rather go out with a few friends and lepak at expensive restaurant (after about 2 weeks ikat perut) and have a drink (baca: non-alcoholic) together whilst reminisce our great memories. as for the record, i went out with my coolest auntie and makan besar. there you go. encik boyfriend was on a vacation so, yeah.

looking way back in the year of 2010 (cewahh..), what is/ are my accomplishment(s)?is good or bad?is it as what i expected them to be or what??

  1. finished my BSc- almost 3 years of hard work.
  2. industrial training with PDRM - after 2 application letters are rejected.
  3. have my own white car - after 2 months of waiting.
  4. graduated with honoured - alhamdulillah.
  5. have a job - enjoting myself.
  6. do a part time job - penat but it's worth it.

so 2011, what are the plans? i did have my own list of plan but i rather not to show it, and just try as hard as i could to achieve them, just like what i did in 2010. to get some idea, i wanted to further in MSc, but looks like i'll have to wait for my adik to finish her Dip. so we both will go somewhere together tapi ada plan lain lebih penting dari segalanya yang akan datang in this year 2011, so i have to choose wisely between them.

so happy new year everyone!!let's us work our asses out so we could have a better life for our future!! doakan semuanya selamat sentiasa..amin. =)

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