Sunday, January 30, 2011

10 reasons why...=)

hey holla blog!how are you?

alhamdullilah. im just so thankful and grateful for having these:

  1. that im still a Muslim. i always have this faith.
  2. that i have a family that always suport me no matter how, no matter what. through ups and them no matter how cruel my life could be.
  3. i have already graduated for both diploma and degree. looking forward for my master and phd.
  4. i have an amazing boyfriend for these 7 undoubtly great lovely years. it always fun having him around my life and i never regretted for being such a loyal gf to him. i love him, so much that i can't tell him how much he actually meant in my entire life.
  5. and i have a lovely FMIL and FFIL in you know what i mean. can't wait to make it an official.
  6. i have a job that i work hard for it and actually earn my own check.
  7. i have a car. although it is not my dream car, tapi having the fact i got him to carry me around Malaysia dah cukup menggembirakan.
  8. i have two houses. walaupun bukan officially mine, tapi since im living in it, boleh la kan. thanks to ayah and mama.
  9. i have a good health and body condition. i've been into a critical disease before but thank you Allah for giving back my life that i borrowed from you for these 24years.
  10. i have a few good friends. noted the few. thanks dear for always be there although kita tak selalu jumpa.

damn life couldn't be better than these 10 greatfulness..haha!!i love you guys and looking forward to have you till the day i die. amin.

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mhh said...

ffil n fmil eh....

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