Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's not about me, it's about knowing yourself.

hari ni kerja so STRESSED out, so i kept on telling myself "hold on babe..hold on..he still loves you..". okayy, memang takde kena mengena my bf dengan kerja, but you know what, by knowing that i have him and that he loves me, it is good enough to source me some energy and keeps me moving. somehow i sedar yang sebenarnya dia yang banyak membantu i untuk teruskan hidup (besides family) and mengharungi cabaran hidup, although i can say that cabaran hidup dari dia je dah 60% (haha!!), but yeah, he's my bestfriend, and i can do anything that i want to him because i know best friend won't leave his friend for some reason. kat office, memang like selang seli i teringat dia, sambil buat kerja.

after 7 years, still i want him so badly. dia ada chanting ape-ape ke nie?hikhik!oh lupa nak cakap, respect is so damn important okay? even if your bf jenis tak kisah dengan perangai you, or cara hidup you, atau the way you talk, laugh and everything, but surely pay some respect to him, especially masa dia kerja, and depan kawan-kawan dia. it's not like you cover cun ke apa, be yourself by not being so too yourself, got what i mean?

hari ni i learned something from the office. not really i learned, tapi knowing something. at 1.15pm i went down the office and bought rojak. sedap gila okay. abang jual rojak tu, memang hari-hari tegur ke ngurat ke i suh beli rojak dia. selalu i passed by je dia punya kedai sebab beli food kat kedai nasi campur lain. so bila dah beli, sedap plak. i rasa dah 3 hari berturut-turut i makan rojak dia..haha! selain murah (RM3.00), sedap and juga healthy food. then we went up to the office and chit-chat up with my collegues.

my collegues cakap, im a very FIRM and STRICT person. i was like so shocked sebab i sendiri pun tak tau that i am like that. bf cakap i ni memang garang, and i agreed with him tapi selalu i rasa i garang dengan dia je tapi bukan dengan orang lain tapi right now my collegues pun dah perasan that thing. masalahnya dia kata, it was a good thing and she wanted to make me as her role model.

then i tanye, "babe, give me some evidence la why you're saying such thing about me. i dont think i was like that..". dia kata that i know what i want and i will stay with my decision. bila i was given a job, anything yang i buat according to me and the great thing is i know how to do it. even the boss was saying, " farah's good. any task that i gave her, dia akan buat a good job..".

but actually i am not. im not firm, and im not strict at all. ( category lain k?haha..) i guess maybe i go by simple rules and i followed them. i dont know. i dont know what type of person i am. that is why i need them as my CCTV, you know untuk bagitau apa i buat betul and ape i buat salah.

sometimes friends yang lama (old friends), tak nampak perangai sebenar kita sebab dah terlalu immune dengan kesengalan kita, where else, new friends dia bole pick point kita macam mana. walaupun tak tepat, but it helps also somehow.


but i know, and i believed that, walau kat mana pun kita, walau pangkat apa pun kita, walau tinggi mana pun kita, sentiasa ingat untuk berbuat baik kepada orang terutama orang yang susah dan orang teraniaya. Allah itu Maha melihat dan Maha mendengar. jangan risau dan jangan susah hati okay? Allah itu The Best.

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The Plain Melayu said...
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The Plain Melayu said...

Bear in mind that things that keep you driven and full of life might kill you and snatch life from your palm.

Just a friendly reminder. Brace yourself for rainy days.

Fareenz said...

sure. i'll keep that in mind!

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