Sunday, January 16, 2011


okay. dah 3 kali ni buat different posts. apa nak jadi pun tak tau la.

anyway, encik bf adalah sangat menggembirakan hati. i love him day by day. i missed him even after we met. and i just need him in my life. i really do.

dahla nak tidor. esok nak prepare presentation plak and prepare questions.

  • BKA
  • CHM
  • BIO
  • SC

oh shoot!

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Seyn said...

reading of your happy, love words really make me jealous of it, so much. hmm

Fareenz said...

you shouldn't be dear. cause i'm about the same as you.

ps: miss ur writing actually..=)

Seyn said...

it's been a long time since my last muse on factual writing. now i'm a heartbroken man. damn heartbroken. haha

Fareenz said...

well sometimes a heartbroken person could write amazing stories. cerita pasal lelaki yang ranap jiwa. lebih romantik kot.

tolong tulis sekarang!!=D

Seyn said...

i don't think i can right now. maybe, freedom is my best muse. hahaha

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