Wednesday, May 8, 2013

TGIF Alamanda, Putrajaya

Semalam we celebrated our first wedding anniversary at TGIF Alamanda Putrajaya. after i arrived at the Putrajaya Sentral, encik husband picked me and we went home for a quick changed and by 8.00pm, we already arrived at Alamanda. tak ramai orang, since yesterday's rain was quite heavy, so it was either they stuck in the jam, or they just too tired to eat outside. but lucky for us, kan? =) sebab TGIF tak penuh. there were only a few customers outside TGIF, about 2 tables, and inside, they were only 3 tables occupied.

before pergi tu, encik husband insisted on going straight to TGIF, means tak payah tukar baju la. OMG, dia tak tau ke, hello, nak pergi date kot, apakah memakai baju kerja, dah la baju kurung i ada ropol-ropol, ada ladybird dengan butterfly. euww sangat! hahahaha.....kalau pakai pergi kerja takpe la jugak, ni nak pergi date kan? dengan bf plak tu! ;)

encik husband taknak tukar baju kerja dia, he wanted to but too lazy to naek atas. but i don't mind at all, sebab he looked sexy and tempted pakai baju kerja.....*grrrr* so within 10 minutes i dah siap mandi, siap gosok baju, siap make-up lagi! fast i can be! tapi encik husband patut lebih prihatin as his wife in not in her best condition, helooooo....kite ibu nandong la! -_______-

anyway, sampai je, we made the order. i choose to eat Grilled Lamb ( around RM30++) and 7Up for drinks (RM10++). encik husband makan ape eh, burger...macam stacked burger siap ada onion ring, beef patty dengan bacon (RM30++) and pineapple juice fro drinks (RM11++).

food arrived a bit late (or perhaps kitorang kebulur sangat kot) hahaha....sampai je memang terus makan. and the food were AWESOME!!! sedap, licin, and memang noticeable that we were damn hungry and the food sangat sedap! maybe different outlet lain la kot rasanya, mestilah dah chef nyer lain tangan kan.

the last time we ate was at TGIF The Curve. i makan Sizzling Chicken with Cheese ke ape tu, dah la masin, masin as in tertumpah garam kot rasa dia. so memang i choose not to eat there. then hari tu makan kat TGIF Wangsa Walk Mall, memang super nice!i makan Tennese Burger ke ape macam tu. memang sedap!!

but personal satisfaction, i lagi suka makan Chilli's!hahaha....a bit cheaper (kot?) and the food are nice, and also selection of food kat Chilli's lebih lagi rasanya sebab ada nachos..haha...

anyway, semalam we had a great food and i had the BEST company ever, encik husband! we spent the night talking, naughtying, and playing around TGIF. surely the place was comforting enough, but having someone you love, and that you want to spend the rest of your life with ada sama dengan you, is just the greatest feeling ever!

Thank you encik husband, for bringing me to a great dine-in place, i had a great dinner, and most of all, i have you! love you so much....and baby pie say "thanks for the Grilled Lamb daddy...!!" hehehe...

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