Thursday, May 2, 2013

Honeypot Wax Boutique @ One Utama

ahh, finally after such a long time, i decided to have my waxing session. this is due to i-will-get-into-labour in one month time, so having my 'down' there clean and not like reserved jungle is a must. hahahaha... so anyway, i didn't get paid to make this review, but i feel i need to share some information with my sisters as i know, we want to find a place that is cheap, convenient, hygienic,professional, and nice. kan?

so the last time i went for a Brazillian wax was at Glitters, Bangsar Village. itupun sebab my sister who is a regular customer there, and dah biasa with the people and the process, and also the pricing. so i just followed her. compared to Honeypot, Braz-wax at Glitters were more gentle and the therapist knows which part that need to be care the most, as there are some part that have soft and thin skin. so kat situ memang "ouucchhh!!" a bit.

but since my sister is not here in Malaysia (if not i dah pergi dengan dia), and i don't think encik husband would like to go through all the massive madness jam roads to bangsar, so i searched for a nearer place and convenient enough for us to go there.

so, yup. Honeypot Wax Boutique! read a few reviews and im ready to go!

i went there on the 1st of May, so it was a public holiday. bapak jammed all over! appointment was set at 4.00pm, i only managed to do my session at 5.00pm. nasib tak ramai sangat orang yang ada appointment on that day, but still i had to wait for 10-15minits. and luckily they don't cancel my appointment.

the first thing to do when we arrived is to fill some form of your basic details, just some general question, such as do you have any allergic with some solutions, or do you have any skin problems etc etc. then, they will confirm with you which type of services you choose.

next your beautician/therapist will assist you to the room. they will leave you for 5 minutes for you to take off your bottom-wear, leaving you half-naked. don't feel shy, because it is just a normal procedure. then when they want to enter the room they will ask you, "mem, are you ready?". just say "yes...". ahahaha...itu pun nak bagitau. hikhik...

then the process begin!! just follow the instructions yang therapist tu bagi, such as, bend your leg, cross your leg. alright-THE PAIN? well, as my pain threshold is quite high, i don't feel that enough pain to make me go screaming and crying along the process. hahaha...but hurt enough to make me go sweating. hihihihi...and the most hurting was when i waxed off the center of the private part, which have the softest and the thinnest skin.

but yang lain-lain; OKAY!

level of pain: 3/10- except for the center part- 6/10...hihihi...

the process went on for 30-45minutes, depending on the condition of your hair.

so anyway, i went for Hollywood Wax, and it cost me RM108. well, i was satisfied with the process, and everything!fully recommended and definitely i will go back for their services.

Honey Pot One Utama
S119b, 2nd Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre

03-7729 5598

Honey Pot Bangsar Shopping Centre
Lot S123, 2nd Floor,
Bangsar Shopping Centre

03 2092 5598

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