Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review: Mom and Baby Expo 10 - 12 May 2013

ha, nak jugak buat review. i mean, i can't believe that actually, there will be one perfect day in my entire life, that i'll be going to mom and baby expo..hahaha. i mean, i do see myself going to wedding expo and stuff (you know as i love weddings and i want to have the perfect wedding ever hence the going-to-expo), but mom and baby expo?hikhik...i truly can't believed myself either.

so before going to any place, you should have your own objective/mission/reason on "why i have to go [insert place's name]?". same goes to myself. know, i had been doing my research up and down the internet (heh...macam lah busy sangat) on kedai mane yang jual barang murah, loads of choices, if i want to go for a brand/specific brand kedai mana bagus, online shop mana bagus etc etc. so after a few months doing research, i only managed to go to the expo (with encik husband) since i can't/don't want to carry heavy things, and only recently encik husband ada disisi, and also he was the one yang eagerly nak pergi expo, so yup yup yup...!

Our objective is to find:
1. Stroller
2. Baby Car Seat
3. Sterilizer and Warmer
4. Cooler Bag
5. Playpen
6. Baby carrier/ baby wearing

1. Not as much as what i had expected. There were a few booth (yang besar) yang solely selling their own brand of stroller such as Combi, Bumbleride, Quinny, Sweetheart, GB, Graco, Aprica, Fischer Price. itu yang booth besar. kalau booth kecik ada MacLaren, Joie, Safe n Sound, Hauck, Nuna, Mydear.
2. We had our eye on Aprica's stroller and even got a good bargain from the promoter. and baby pie's daddy also berkenan with Bumbleride Flite. but yes, we didn't buy the stroller from the expo, sebab online lagi murah kot.

 Aprica , RM1600++ (at expo approx. RM899)
Bumbleride Flite, RM1300++ (at expo approx. RM899)

[Baby Car Seat]
1. Not as much as strollers. there were a few booths selling car seat from the same brand of strollers including Fischer Price, Graco, MyDear, Sweetheart, Combi, Ferrari, Sparco, Maxi Cosi etc.
2. Range of price from RM199 to RM1000++ depending on the brand. but selalunya kitorang round kat situ, car seat yang elok were from RM299 onwards.
3. We didn't buy from the expo either.

[Sterilizer and Warmer]
1. memang i (mestilah i, encik husband by that time wouldn't have idea what is sterilizer and warmer pun...hahaha) cari sterilizer yang jual combo/package set. senang and murah.
2. brands yang i stumble upon were Avent, Little Bean, Autumnz, Mydear, and Jingle Jungle. paling murah Jingle Jungle (RM149.90) ,MyDear (RM290), Avent (RM250). tapi MyDear dapat 3 benda, can't remember what is the thing.
3. i bought Sterilizer and Warmer from LittleBean, RM150. paling murah i nampak online pun RM159.

[cooler bag]
1. i'm looking for something yang stylish and not so motherly look. but i found none. so mane yang jumpe grab jela.
2. to be safe and at that time i dah macam penat jalan-jalan, i just bought this cooler bag, RM54.90 from fabulous mom. harga sama, but this one without postage la.
3. ada bag, 6-pc jingle jungle storage bottles, and 3-pc reusable ice-packs.

1. we were aiming the playpen from SweetCherry but mind you ladies, none of sweetcherry items to be found kat expo tu. tak tau kenapa.hahaha...
2. we saw a few booths selling playpen and baby cots such as mydear, tobby, esprit, and graco.
3. so kitorang beli playpen tu online jela jugak.

[baby carrier/baby wearing]
1. baby carrier banyak sangat jual kat expo ni from Ergo,i-angle, Mothercare, etc etc to name a few.
2. we are looking for Chicco baby carrier. tapi entah la tak nampak ke tak beli jugak.

[Dos and Donts]
1. Try to come as early as possible. kitorang sampai around 9.00am. parking bays masih banyak. we had our own sweet time having breakfast and all. 9.30am naek kat tempat expo bapak ramai dah sampai.hahahah....siap queued lagi nak masuk. me and encik husband??berdatingan di atas kerusi sambil cek our checklist supaya tidak membazir.
2. do your own research especially on pricing and combo package. lebih banyak murah online dari kat expo but tak dinafikan it is easy to find everything under one roof.
3. orang sangat ramai. kalau rasa diri dah sarat and tak mampu nak jalan lame, disarankan jangan datang. susah nak jumpe kerusi pun.
4. kalau boleh bawak CASH. sebab credit card will take a longer time to process the bills. i used only once for amount more than RM150. so dah boleh cut down time nak pergi hall lain. (hall ade 3 but interconnected)

so that's it. =) have fun in the next expo-ing!

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sHe said...

fara, she suka cooler bag autumnz, sbb tak nampak macam cooler bag. mine is pansy cluster. looking for to buy more. motifff sgt kannn..

kadang2 kalau tak bawak susu pun i angkut je sbb i feel good with it :)

Fareenz said...

lepas beli baru perasan autumnz punye cantek2...
sedih angat!


she, awat awak punye blog sy x boleh view??sedih ni x boleh baca...T_T

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