Monday, July 2, 2012

The one

This coming 4th June, I have been a wife to the man that I loved the most, my husband, for 2months. Being with him, oh I must say is a very adventurous one. Hahaha..

Everyday, and every morning, I look very forward to meet him the first thing when I open my eyes. Till now, we still sleeping facing each other. Haha.. ( You know there will be this one time that you just want to sleep alone and conquering the whole bed..haha).

So anyway, waking up in the morning, and to see that sleepy face right bomm! in front of my face, making me to think twice whether to wake up, or continue my wonderful sleep. But selalunya mesti the later. Hahaha...

Usually I have 'that' moment where I will take my own sweet time to have a good look on his face right before I get ready to work. I am worried know. Something-something.

I promised that I will be a good wife to him right from the moment he said " aku terima nikahnya..". I will cherish every time and every second of my life with him. I know clearly everything is happen for a reason, and that Allah can take anything that He wants.

But, as far as I concerned, sekarang ni I will try my best to have the best moment and time of my life, with my husband.

I promise to be there for you dear, everytime. And please don't worry that much in pleasing me. I'm a human, I can adapt to any kind of situation. I am intelligent. As long as you are working hard for me, our family, that's good enough for me.

There's no special occasion but I just feel in writing out what I feel right now. I miss my husband hahaha... Can't wait petang to have a good talk and playing around as usual. I love you so much encik suami.


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