Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Little stove message

" TQ sayang masakkan dinner, sedap sangat! :) I love you so much..muaahhh!!"

I found this written on the paper, on my stove with a baby tomato on it ( so that the paper won't fly off) early yesterday morning. This was due to what I cooked semalam, which was spaghetti bolognese. The easiest meal to prepare. :)

Not only that, he cleaned our house all by himself. After I cooked and the boys came, I decided to stay in our room. Lipat kain and what not.I don't want to kacau the boy's time. And after a while I tertido.

Pagi tu I bangun, he said he had cleaned the house, washed all the dishes. So pagi tu I bangun jenguk dapur. Memang la semua dah basuh, bersih sangat2. But when I saw the tomato on the stove, I was like " comelnye die tertinggal tomato sebijik ni..".. :)

Rupanya ada message for me (as in the picture). *pengsan* I lari masuk bilik and ape lagi melompat la kat die..hahaha...

Thank u sayang!! Nanti I masak sedap2 lagi k? Heeee...

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