Monday, June 25, 2012

Get Together

Last week, both of us tak balik kampung. Not going back to my side, or his side. Simply because we had a gorgeous wedding to be attend for. Husband's friend's wedding.

Saturday morning tu we had quite a long run, from our house to atleast 5km per way. Crazy because we never did that. I mean that long. Tapi jogging with encik suami memang seronok. I don't find any trouble exercising with him.

Then balik joging I masak nasi lemak. Do u see the purpose of running sejauh 5km? Yes you are correct. Pastu ade plak sotong, memang buat sambal sotong la katenye. The nasi, however kurang santan which I purposely did that, and the nasi a bit dry. But the smell, awesome!

The husband finished them all. He loves eating, and he eat a lot. I love watching him eating tp selalu sound dia suruh jaga perut. That our promise before we get married.

Then malam tu pegi wedding. He and his friends lepak kat wedding tu from 7.30 until 11. Bapak lama oii. I as usual mesti gosip with other wifey. And later that night, lepak rasta plak. Ramai, expensive, but nothing unusual except many sexy chicks. Bahahahaa..

I love hanging out with him or his friends. Selalunya we didn't managed to be lovey dovey, sebab dia selalu with his friends, and cakap apa pun I tak dengar, sebab I pun busy gosip sama. But kitorang selalu curik pandang, sebab curik pandang and curik kiss adalah hobi kami. Hahaha..

And ahad pagi tu I masak nasi tomato and ayam masak merah. Different from nasi lemak yabg dry, this nasi tomato was quite lembik. But ovber the time die jd dry jugak. En husband makan 4pinggan penuh. #pitammak

And malam kitorang stop by rumah my brother main xbox. Peluh2 bagai. Hahaaha...

Arini puasa. So malam ni nak masak ikan kembung percik. Hope he loves it!

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