Thursday, July 26, 2012


Buat pertama kali dalam hidup, I felt so guilty towards my husband. I was so sad that I'm behaving that way, and I was so sad that I can't control my emotion, my anger precisely.

Tak pernah dalam hidup I rasa macam tu, and this was my first time ever feeling guilty, yang tersangat guilty nyer.

I was crying so bad while hugging him. Crying mintak ampun and maaf. Hrmm..even when I write this entry, I still can feel the emotions..

I hugged him and told him I was so sorry for behaving like that. By listening to his words, I knew he was dissapointed with me. Even I was dissapointed with myself. But I hope that he knows how guilty I am. I am guilty. I'm sorry syg.

But him being him, he's unlike me. Lepas dia maafkan he was like okay, but I never knew what he felt inside. And me? Guilty as hell, sedih, and dissapointed with myself.

I know right from the moment, I have to control my emotion. I definitely can't compare him with anyone else, because he's the best guy I could have got. Perfect an imperfect in his own charming way.

For whatever things that come between us, I will put aside and always start a day with a new chapter. :) I just want him to know that my love won't ever fade, and I'm honored to be loved by him.

So this week I will cook special meal for him. Western food that he requested. Nyumnyum!

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Alyn Tahir said...

its normal that women can't control their emotions. we have to try extra hard and even then, there will always be slip-ups. men are simple creatures. they don't complicate things and they bottle up emotions unlike us.

But it's okay. He'll understand or he should but that doesn't mean you can't try harder ;) Though, cheer up and make it up to him everytime you do lose it :p

Then maybe he wouldn't mind as much anymore cause he knows he'd get a reward after. hehe

Fareenz said...

hahahaha....perhaps he wouldnt mind after he received a small reward from me after that...tihii..

yup, definitely we are complicated creatures that full with emotions. but sometimes when things are out of hand, that's when small things become issues.

the right thing to do is just to pay some respect, not only as he is my husband, as a person.

thanks alyn for the advice!

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