Monday, November 8, 2010

Sign in Problems

I've got this problem where everytime i wanted to log in/sign in into this blog account, they asked for verification that requires country of living and handphone number.

semua orang pon verify ke?

i really don't want to type in my handphone number since i know nanti my phone penuh dengan sms iklan and phone call yang tak dikenali nombornya.

so how??

what did i do was, i went over other blogs, and left a comment. because they only requires email and password, and word verification. kenapa pulak nak leave handphone number kan?



2 Kata bijak pandai:

ms.Teddy said...

xpna lak kena ltk phone number..sumting wrong sumwer kot..

Fareenz said...

tula kot..still happening la..hampeh tul..hehehe!!

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