Friday, October 14, 2011

How to Be Employee of The Month

Workhard. There is/are no easy way.

Me?i have been work hard (as if) for a year. sampai orang pijak kepala and take advantage of my capabilities sedangkan gaji dia lebih banyak. banyak sangat plak tu. Then it comes to WORK SMART.

and now i am implement it in my daily life. there were once, i had enough of my workplace sebab dah tak tahan sangat dengan manusia yang suka take advantage nie. but en fiance banyak bagi kata semangat and up until now, i am still working at this place. frankly speaking, i memang suka sangat kerja sini, because i get attached to it. blame me please. but i know someday i have to move out from this place unless they are willing to pay me RM1K more than i earn now. like seriously.

banyak sebab kenapa i nak move out (nanti):

1. Salary
2. Carrier growith
3. Marriage
4. Home
5. Studies

Kalau current place offers me like RM5K, takde carrier growth pun takpe, and duk jauh kat P sane pun tak kisah. but again, salary kecik, jauh, no carrier growth etc. merungut pulak. but that's the fact. so planning of moving next year, by applying a working place at P. dekat. kalau tak dapat maybe continue my studies.

ok. kenapa tiba-tiba cerita pasal tempat kerja ni?

FYI, education line is not the same as management line. there is/are difference. so my boss (act like a boss but he is not like "boss") asked me to attend a workshop at Putrajaya for 4 days (not sure if hotel is provided but that's not the point) under Kementerian. but it is not MY LINE, it is more towards management doing profiling.

eh hello, kenapa i bahagian education kena pergi line management ni? sebab dah takde orang kan? kenapa tak hire? 1 point there. kalau i pergi, confirm i la kena buat profiling kan?siapa i?management people or education people? point number 2 there. ok fine, you nak suruh i buat profiling, but will you PAY me more? point number 3. nampak macam jahat kan sikit-sikit nak payment. let me ask you (the boss), would you go there and do the profiling without getting paid?

so here goes my conversation dengan the boss.

Boss : " Ms. F, we want you to go to this workshop (referring to Kementerian letter). Kursus buat profiling lecturer, students, courses bla bla bla....."

Me : *diam + blurr* "Hmm....Sir, kenapa i yang kena pergi?"

Boss : *senyum* "Because you were assigned to..."

Me: *geram* " Kenapa i yang kena pergi?because this is for management, so better management yang pergi.Kenape Ms. R (management staff) tak pegi?"

Boss: *diam* " oh, Ms R banyak nak handle bla bla..."

Me: *double geram* " Sir, i memang rasa im not suitable for this job. this is management line. as you know i kan bahagian education. kalau untuk *** i boleh pergi because it is part of my job, tapi not this one. i suggest you assign bahagian management yang pergi. how should i update untuk profiling, management have all the files and info,right?"

Boss: *diam + muka bengang * "hrm. ok. nanti i tanye management people.."

*discussion went on about other matters*

See? sebelum ni dah ada orang management yang pergi, tapi dia tak boleh handle profiling tu. dah berhenti kerja pun sebab disciplinary problem. now senang-senang dia nak hantar orang lain buat kerja tu. mentang-mentang dia tahu kita boleh buat kerja. profiling tu senang tapi LECEH nauzubillah.

Sebelum ni, i never decline and task, project yang bosses bagi. because im in a learning process and trying to gain experience. tapi kalau dah banyak kali kita jer yang kena buat, sampai kena stay kat ofis balik pukul 3 pagi, with that much of salary, hati panas jugak sebab kita buat kerja orang, orang tu gaji sampai puluh ribu.kan?

so this is my first time ever declining a task. i nak mereka tahu yang i (malay) bukan senang-senang nak diperkotak-katikkan. i dah bagi banyak muka tapi this time, it is not appropriate. so itu lah.

Sometimes we have to stand for our ground. bagi task kat orang yang suitable. bukan main campak-campak orang jer.i have to prepare for *** lagi nak suruh pergi kursus, nanti *** i jugak yang kena stay sampai pagi esok kan? tapi takpe, haritu buat *** i dapat OT 56jam sampai RM1K. itu takpe, sangat puas hati. setimpal.

ps: kempis2 perut jugak la nak menjawab kat boss. ni kalau second time dia suh lagi, i bagi je surat resign. ahahaha...

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