Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Effective Workout

Title menggelabah.

Semalam was great. Alhamdulilah. I had an extreme workout with my personal trainer (which I haven't attend for a long time), and I didn't take my dinner (after 6). Suffocating, I felt so hungry malam tadi, and I didn't sleep well. I woke up every hour and this morning I'm a lil bit tired than usual.rindu en tunang la tu. Semalam tido tak wish goodnight. T__T

Semalam dek lapar sangat, I saw munchy's love letter and eagerly bukak macam 10tahun tak makan. Took one and I don't like the taste. Makan satu je and tutup balik. Since I'm hungry like hell,I stuffed my perot with soursop drinks.yummy!

Semalam I decided to have a class dengan personal trainer because I got a text from en fiance. Dia cakap, if I workout and push my self to the limit,the same thing I did with the trainer, dia cakap, "Then we can talk about your sugar glider..".

HOMAIGOD!! En fiance nak belikan sugar glider ke??? If he wants to buy me the sugar glider,I will definitely spend cash for the sugar glider's house.'s gonna be so cool and awesome!! Sugar glider mahal okay. Paling murah pun RM220. Tak campur rumah, hammock,tunnel,water container etc.

Oh masa kat gym, I dapat rahsia besar macam mana boleh lose weight, double the amount than ordinary workout.I've tried it semalam memang nampak effect dia. Terima kasih telinga kerana menjalankan tugas dengan baik mengumpul maklumat.ahahaha..

So balik pada gym, I'm waiting semi-patiently for en fiance nak bagitau something. Dari petang tu dia nak cakap tapi tak cakap2. So I called him. Pastu dia macam nak taknak cakap. Basuh botol la ape.I was pissed off.drop the call and wait.

Agaknya dia tau kot I marah,tiba-tiba dia terus pop up the thing. HOMAIGOD, I was damn damn happy. Lama okay penantian. I bet semua married or getting married couple waiting for this. Tapi en fiance cakap,under circumstances (and of course a lot of thinking) ,dia tak tau dia patut terima.

And me? Being the sweetest cik fiance ever,I am okay with whatever decision he made. *senyum lebar2 penuh pengharapan* eceh, siap berharap lagi tu padahal jadi ke tak pun tak confirm lagi. We have our own priority which is the wedding. So kena la identify mana yang you nak settle dulu.

I feel happy. Sebab the effort of him to tell me and discussing this and that, already make me feel like I'm part of his life, and he wants me to be part of his life,plans, and everything. I couldn't be happier than being someone who he can depend to.afterall,that is what a couple should be,by helping each other solving problems and all kan?

Hrm, rindu la plak.hope this weekend boleh spend quality time together. And we are planning to have a picnic!! Cik fiance mestilah the one yang kena sediakan food and all.lelaki tau nak makan je kan..haihhh...can't wait!!

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