Friday, October 7, 2011

7years and 8th month

Last tuesday 4th october, me and en fiance had dinner kat manhattan fish. It was not my plan to go there sebab pagi tu,my Tatum broke down.vibration yang kuat sangat caused him to be I sent him to autoservice.tak pergi kerja,mind bbm en fiance ajak pergi lunch.

The sweetest thing was, dia gelabah sangat.dah macam first date.I lagila nervous bila dia nervous macam tu..hahahadoi. Lunch tak jadi sebab kete siap at decided to have dinner.

The reason why I sanggup drove all the way from kl to putrajaya was because,beliau pakai baju-sexy-favourite I.ok totally sexy. *berdarah idung* (sape tak tahan dengan pujian melambung sila close window,haha). Really tak boleh amik mata saya dari awak. (Can't take my eyes of u).

He called me rempit,because I put in my hand in the pocket,I mean my black skirt's pocket. And he took it out.little did he know that I was damn nervous, so letak tangan dalam pocket nak elak nervousness and acting cool.serius macam rempit but it was actually unconscious behaviour.ahaha..

Food was really great.we had garden salad,seafood olio, shrimp,dory fish,bottomless fizzie. Kenyang gila and yup,we didn't finish our meal.

It was a short meeting, about 2hrs.but I really had a great time. Sebab jarang lunch during working I had a was just us kat situ.I bet bayuu is more romantic place to be,just the menu doesn't suit us that night.

But the most important thing was what we talked about on the-anniversary dinner.I dah terharu sangat2.I know he was sincerely said that he loves me and what we've been through had make him appreciate me more. I was flattered.

So baby,happy anniversary and I hope you will enjoy my companion through the years.I love you sayang,and I thanked Allah for lending me you as a friend and lover.and thank you for all the joy. (I just hope you read this coz you're too busy)

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