Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hidup Ini Indah?

Cerita payung.

tau tak, we need some major skills masa nak bukak payung? memang. ada macam guidelines on how to open your payung. tekan benda yang macam tersembul and tadaa, terbukak la payung anda. tapi mesti takde sape tau (or tulis dalam guidelines) yang masa nak tekan benda tersembul tu, kite kena tolak payung tu ke atas sikit (upper lift) so that kulit jari kita tak tersepit? ha tak de kan? benda tu kita tau through experience kan? that's why i dulu a lil bit fobia nak bukak tutup payung sebab banyak kali jari tersepit kat situ. -_________- haihh. bodoh sangat. tapi now dah pandai dah...hihi!


semalam, masa nak solat isyak, husband was at front, watching berita sambil makan vanilla iceream dalam cup. he offered me the icecream, but i just took a sip and NO for the rest of the icecream. look tempting tapiiii the calorie....haihh, satu jam jog okay. hahaha...i'm a calorie freak. but whatever it's my body (sebenarnya sedih sebab tak dapat makan. husband apa kisah...he looks good all the time despite boncit ke tak. cube kalau kita perempuan boncit ; horror jawapan dia).

anyway, masa i nak solat tu, i looked at our bed, and next to our bed was baby sophea's cot. and on sophea's cot, there's a pair of little red and denim shoe from 'Next'. i bought a few months back, but only managed to pakai her once.

masa i tengah pakai telekung tu, i stared at those bed and cot, and then it crossed my mind. "how on earth did i managed to get where i am now, being married and have a child?". it was so fast that i actually someone's wife, and a mother. so fast that i couldn't remembered the process and the roads to where i am now.

i have a very loving husband, who loves me with all his heart. i know that sebab he literally never leave me alone except masa nak pergi kerja, he loves to kiss me and hold my hand (or my peha...prfttt) whenever he can. and not in a naughty way, mind u. hahahha... and then, with him i have this beautiful baby. adorable and healthy baby are what matter the most.

haihh...i don't know what i have done to be deserve these irreplaceable gifts from Allah. but deep down inside i really bersyukur. not all are lucky like me, though ramai je pun yang lebih baik dari i. but at this moment, i just thanked Allah for everything. betul orang cakap, Allah bagi banyak benda kat kita, kenapa sikit pun kita tak tunduk and ikut apa yang Allah suruh.


i alway pray that these happiness will always follow me wherever i go. that my encik husband will always love me (and find me attractive as i grow older he he he), and that he will take care of me and our baby (or perhaps year ke mane tau...wahhh...hahaha). and that Allah will always love us and forgive us for every sins we did.

gosh, i really love both of my babies.

the feeling of wanting to be with them, and nak sentiasa peluk and ciom diorang all the time, sentiasa ada within me.

life couldn't be better. but insyaAllah getting better and better.

ps: daddy work hard sikit daddy. kitorang nak duk obersea.

3 Kata bijak pandai:

nabby/nabilaz said...

seronok jek baca blog awak. rasa hepi jek baca the things yg awk share :D

Fareenz said...

thank u nabila. u'r such a sweet dearly. still we havent get the chance to meet kan?

n said...

hehe..yep, kelakar kan sampai skrg tak penah ada can nak jumpe2 lagi..smpai awak dh ada baby lak tuh. one fine day insyaAllah..:)

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