Friday, September 13, 2013

Daddy and Babypie

oh oh......sophea dah menunjukkan gaya tidur yang sangat bagus malam tadi. and mommy loves you so much but also sad sebab i know my baby pie has grown up. sobs sobs.

last night mommy thought daddy tak balik. and mommy pun tak kisah daddy tak balik walaupun actually rindu gila kat daddy and i feel something is not completed when he is not by myside. i rasa semua isteri macam tu kot bila suami outstation ke ape, tidur pun tak berapa nak nyenyak.

anyway, semalam sophea macam meragam sikit nak tidur. and she's become heavier and it's quite hard for me to handle and cradle her. i think i might had squeezed her too tight and so she cried. hahaha....sorry sorry! so i put her down slowly on the bed, take the blanket and wrapped her tightly.

i read somewhere, dia cakap mommy should tell their baby that it is night time and that baby have to go to sleep. so i did!

"sayang....dah malam ni. you go to sleep ok. mommy work tomorrow. sophea good girl kan??" and then i kissed her cheek and forehead. put on her pacifier (not a good move but im okay with it..).

and she turned away and look at one spot on the curtain. i tepuk-tepuk peha dia and after a few minutes she began to close her eyes!! (yes yes yes!!) and yeah.....10 minit je mata dia wide open...prfttt....

but i know she's sleepy. sebab kalau dia sleepy dia akan tutup mata dia lama, and then bukak besar-besar. and akan berulang-ulang la benda tu. i switched off the lamp and put her on my chest. tak lama lepas tu dia tidur. and when she fell asleep, i turunkan dia on the bed. and i pun tidur sama.

i dont know when encik husband arrived, all i know is that, it was already 1.30am and encik husband bangun and buatkan susu sophea. and then he put her to sleep. good job daddy!!

and when the light was off, that's when i really missed encik husband. i reached out for his hand (over sophea's body....sebab budak demok itu was in between us), and hold his fingers tight over mine. i wished that i could kiss him but i wont take a risk of sophea bangun and ajak berborak at 4.00am. hahahaha...

i just looked out for his face over the little light that passed through our window. and thanked Allah that he was there with me. with us.

and baby pie sleep soundly in between us.

i let go of his hand, and cuddle baby pie even more tightly and kissed softly on her cheek. her smell....gosh!the best smell i ever had. she moved a bit, i guess that was her way telling, "yeah mommy, i love you too. now please let go off me as i want to go to sleep...".

fine. big girl sangat dah kan? ;)

two person that i love the most in the world. sleeping with me every night. i just thanked God for everything He had given me (and will give me). too much of happiness. too much of love.

anyway, i hope and pray and that these two little monsters know, that they had taken over my life and i love them so so much.

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